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Seminar Series

Georgia Southern University’s Department of Biology hosts a weekly seminar series. The purpose of this series is to enable biologists from around the country to share their newest discoveries and ideas with our students, and we encourage students to engage with our honored guests in post-seminar discussions. Unless otherwise noted, seminars will be held on Mondays at 11:15 a.m., at either the Statesboro (BSCI 1109) or Armstrong (SC 1107) campuses. Seminars also will be live-streamed via Zoom. Scroll down past the schedule for instructions for joining a Zoom-based seminar.

22*Biomedical Sciences Candidate # 1
Dept. of BiologyStatesboro
*Cell and Molecular Biology Candidate #1
Dept. of BiologyStatesboro
BSCI 2250
*Cell and Molecular Biology Candidate #2
Dept. of BiologyStatesboro
BSCI 2250
5*Biomedical Sciences Candidate # 2
Dept. of BiologyStatesboro
12Adrian Smith
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
Bugs in Motion: insect behavior in the lab & on YouTubeRenee NowickiStatesboro
26Chet Joyner
University of Georgia
Plasmodium vivax: New tools to study a persistent parasiteLance McBrayerStatesboro
18Jack Werren
University of Rochester
The Genetics of Host Choice: What’s a Mother to Do?Josh GibsonStatesboro
25Renee Nowicki
Georgia Southern
8Adam Greer
University of Georgia
John CarrollStatesboro
15Laurie Reitsema
University of Georgia
Ed MondorStatesboro
29 Undergraduate Research Symposium

Instructions for joining a seminar

Zoom seminar link

To join a seminar, click the above link. You will be directed to a page with a popup dialog box. If a dialog box doesn’t pop up, check that you have allowed popup windows in your security and adblocker settings. When you click Open Zoom Meetings in the dialog, it will launch the Zoom application and take you to the meeting. If you don’t have the Zoom application installed, you will have the option to download it or to join from your browser. Zoom will then ask for your name (to display to others) as well as your email address (not displayed to others). Finally, Zoom may ask for the Webinar ID: 818 8364 3486 and passcode: dx8578B!+F

*If you are interested in viewing a job seminar, please contact Dr. Stephen Greiman.

For more information, contact Isaac Park.

Last updated: 2/19/2024