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Student Resources

Advisement and Student Success


Please check the two tutoring options below:

Math and Stats Enhancement Room (MASTER)

Located in the Math & Physics Building, Room 3000, we offer free tutoring in:

  • MATH 0098
  • MATH 0099
  • MATH 1001
  • MATH 1101
  • MATH 1111
  • MATH 1112
  • MATH 1113
  • MATH 1232
  • MATH 1441
  • MATH 2242
  • STATS 1401

MASTER Summer 2024 Hours (May 13th – July 11th)

  • Monday – Thursday, 1 p.m. – 6 p.m.

To sign up for virtual tutoring, on the day you want a tutoring session, with your GSU credentials, fill out the Google form below.

Science & Mathematics Academic Resource & Tutorial (SMART) Center

FREE Tutoring:  The Science & Mathematics Academic Resource & Tutorial (SMART) Center offers free tutoring on the Armstrong campus by student tutors in Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, General and Organic Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, and Mathematics.  Appointments for in-person and virtual tutoring should be made through the EAB Navigate system.

Step-by-step instructions for making in-person and virtual tutoring appointments

If you have worked on a problem and would prefer to email a tutor to receive feedback on your steps, please create a pdf of your work and send it to with your course number in the subject line.

More information about our services can be found at the SMART Center website.


To apply for scholarships, current students can log in to MyGeorgiaSouthern and click the MyScholarships link. For more information, visit

New: Georgia Southern University Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program

The MyScholarships system is now accepting student applications for scholarships until January 31, 2020. The review process will begin on Feb 5, 2020, and selections should be made by March 30, 2020.
The scholarships that the committee are responsible for reviewing are as follows:

  • Arthur G. Sparks Scholarship in Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Bhatia Foundation Scholarship: Mathematics — available only to Armstrong or Liberty campuses
  • Billy J. Lamb and Curry Colvin Memorial Math Education Scholarship
  • Bobby L. Johnson Secondary Mathematics Fund
  • Cynthia Ann Floyd Sikes Mathematics Scholarship
  • D Earl Lavender Award in Mathematics
  • David and Ann Stone Scholarship in Mathematical Sciences
  • Martha L Abell Endowed Scholarship
  • Lancy C Jen Mathematics and the Leslie A Strozier Memorial Scholarship — available only to Armstrong campus
  • Renette and Annie Ruth Lewis Annual Departmental Scholarship

Undergraduate Research

College Office of Undergraduate Research

The College Office of Undergraduate Research (COUR) in the College of Science and Mathematics at Georgia Southern University is an initiative to further the undergraduate research experience in COSM.

Visit the COUR website for more information regarding:

  • research opportunities
  • funding
  • news
  • annual research symposium

Undergraduate Journals

Research Opportunities with Faculty


Dr. Duc Huynh (Armstrong Campus)

Dr. Yan Wu (Statesboro Campus)

Expand for Faculty Research Advisors

Faculty Research Advisors

The following faculty are looking for undergraduate students to advise. Search by topics of interest.

Research AdvisorResearch Topics
An, Tuyin, Ph.D.Reasoning and proof, geometry for teachers, dynamic geometry environments, preservice teachers’ mathematics content knowledge, hybrid teaching and learning modalities, inclusion and diversity.
Brawner, Jim, Ph.D.algebraic geometry, mathematics of voting, and recreational mathematics.
Brown, Tricia, Ph.D.Algebraic combinatorics, recreational mathematics, sports analytics
Carden, Stephen, Ph.D.Call-center schedule creation as a stochastic optimization problem; Treat a continuous-time decision process as a discrete-time process by choosing the interval between decision-making times.
Champ, Charles, Ph.D.Numerical methods for solving integral equations Nonparametric statistics (in particular bootstrapping and exact test) Statistical design and analysis of experiments Statistical quality control; mathematics/statistics education
Chang, Sungkon, Ph.D.Number Theory and Elliptic curves
Chen, Zhan, Ph.D.
Mathematical modeling in life sciences; Computational mathematics, and applied analysis
Gray, Daniel, Ph.D.Probability and encoding problems; enumerating interesting subsets of permutationsÂ
Hessinger, Sabrina, Ph.D.Differential Galois Theory
Hu, Yi, Ph.D.Harmonic analysis and applications in differential equations
Huynh, Duc, Ph.D.arithmetic geometry with a focus on finding rational points on hyperelliptic curves
Iacob, Emil, Ph.D. Computer ScienceData Science; image compression, image recognition; model reduction; graph searching; flow network;
Lesaja, Goran, Ph.D.Conic optimization, semidefinite optimization Next tabular data protection in statistical databases
Lin, Yi, Ph.D.Riemann – Roch theorem of algebraic curves, geometric  combinatorics, heat equations on differential manifolds
Michalski, Greg, Ph.D.Model theory, computability theory, set theory
Nasseh, Saeed, Ph.D.Commutative algebra, homological algebra; algebraic aspects of number theory; basics in algebraic topology.
Piltner, Reinhard, Ph.D.Some knowledge on PDEs, Finite Elements and numerical methods
Sills, Andrew, Ph.D.Integer partitions, integer compositions​
Sobaje, Paul, Ph.D.The representation theory of the symmetric group on n elements acting on a vector space over a field of positive characteristic Explicit calculations of the representations of the algebraic group of type G_2 over a field of positive characteristic.
Stokolos, Alex, Ph.D.Modeling in Discrete Dynamical Systems
Wang, Hua, Ph.D.Combinatorics and Graph Theory; Number Theory, Math Modeling and Applications in Biology, Chemistry, and Computer Science
Wu, Yan, Ph.D.Math modeling, control systems (design and analysis); Digital filters design/analysis
Zhao, Chunshan, Ph.D.Partial Differential Equations and applications in Biology, physics and fluid mechanics
Zheng, Shijun, Ph.D.Numerical and Analytical Construction of Ground and Excited States for BEC; Euler and Navier-Stokes Equations with Poisson-Pressure Method
Zhu, Jiehua, Ph.D.Computed tomography, image processing
Zou, Yuting, Ph.D.Dynamical systems of ODEs Reaction diffusion equations, pattern formation (PDEs)

Clubs and Activities

Recent Events and Activities for Majors, Minors and Friends

  • Graduate Seminar – Coordinator:  Dr. H. Wang
  • Undergraduate Seminar – Coordinator:  Dr. Martha Abell and Mr. Jim Braselton
  • Math Club – Armstrong Based
  • Math Club – Statesboro Based
  • September 27th -Armstrong campus Math Majors and Faculty Meet and Greet
  • October – Movie Night on the Armstrong Campus
  • October 20th – Gambling & Gaming Booth at Celebrate Together
  • Machine Learning Team Visit from Robins Airforce Base
MAA Student Chapter

MAA Student Chapter

Coordinator: Chasen Smith

2014 Spring MAA SE Annual Meeting
Tennessee Tech University, Cookeville, TN
Coach: Chasen Smith


Chasen Smith (advisor), Michael Ackerman, Micah Jackson, Katelyn Yeomans, Anthony Coggins (co-advisor) and Matt Cullens

2010 Spring MAA SE Annual Meeting
Elon University, Elon, NC
March 26-27, 2010
Coach: Jiehua Zhu


Team Members: Nathan Dunn, Danielle Ripley, Toby Sanders, Anh Tran

Putnam Examination

Putnam Examination


The Putnam Mathematical Competition is a prestigious mathematical competition for undergraduates that has been organized for around seventy years under the sponsorship of Mathematical Association of America. Students compete individually and individual scores of three selected students are counted as a team score. Problems on the competition are very challenging and mostly proof oriented, thus, scoring even some points is a success.

Coordinators: Dr. Goran Lesaja, Dr. Sungkon Chang, Dr. Saeed Nasseh

Math Jeopardy

Math Jeopardy

The Math Jeopardy contest is part of the Mathematical Association of America’s national and sectional annual meeting. The contest follows the Jeopardy game show format. Each team consisting of up to four students competes to answer the problems from the subjects of undergraduate mathematics, such as calculus, differential equations, discrete equations, discrete mathematics, linear algebra, and history of mathematics.

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at Georgia Southern University participates in the Jeopardy contest at the MAA Southeastern Section meeting each year.

If you are interested in joining the Georgia Southern Math Jeopardy Team, please contact Dr. Jiehua Zhu.

Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM)

Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM)


The Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) is another prestigious mathematical competition organized by a well known private company COMAP (Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications) whose main goal is to promote quality math education.

MCM is a team competition. Teams of up to three students from each university (each university can have up to four teams) are working on one of the two offered real world problems. The problems are open-ended and the teams have to submit their reports at the end of the competition which then get judged by the team of judges. The ranking of the teams falls in one of the following categories:

  • Outstanding
  • Meritorious
  • Honorable mention
  • Successful participant
  • Unsuccessful participant

Coordinator: Dr. Goran Lesaja

Eagle Problem Solvers

Eagle Problem Solvers

  • Joining info & Contact Person
  • Current members
  • Past problem solutions
  • Samples of our published solutions
  • Problem List
Problem of the Month

Problem of the Month

  • Current Problem & deadline
  • Narrative on Rules & Submission instructions
  • Problem and Solution Archive
Career Info and Exploration

Career Info and Exploration

  • Professional Organizations
  • Career explication scavenger hunt
  • Career presentation

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