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Master of Science in Mathematics

Format: In person on the Statesboro Campus or the Armstrong Campus in Savannah
Credit Hours: 36
Entry Terms: Fall, Spring, Summer

The Master of Science in Mathematics at Georgia Southern prepares students for Ph.D. studies in mathematical sciences and professional careers in industry or academics. Mathematics is a rapidly expanding field, expected to grow by more than 20 percent in the next 10 years.

Choose a mathematics concentration in:

If you’re interested in this master’s in mathematics degree, learn more about Georgia Southern’s mathematics program from our resources:


For regular admission to the College of Graduate Studies to pursue the master’s in mathematics, you must have:

  1. Completed requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree in a Science, Engineering, or Mathematical discipline at an accredited college or university.
  2. Provided scores from the GRE and TOEFL (international students only) to the College of Graduate Studies with other admissions documents.
  3. Successfully completed courses in calculus, probability, linear algebra, and analysis/advanced calculus.

If you do not meet all admission requirements, you could be granted provisional admission or non-degree admission.

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Or, you can:

Graduate Assistantships:

Graduate Assistantships are offered on a competitive basis.  Typical duties include coordinating and assisting in our Computer labs.  Graduate assistants must be registered for a minimum of nine credit hours of graduate coursework, of which 6 hours must count toward their degree. If you’re interested, complete the Graduate Assistantship Application.

General questions about admission, graduate assistantships, and requests for application materials and catalogs should be directed to the College of Graduate Studies.

Degree Requirements

Requirements for the degree include 36 credit hours, consisting of:

Three core courses of a concentration (9 credit hours):

Pure Mathematics

  • MATH 7234 Advanced Linear Algebra
  • MATH 7331 Real Analysis
  • MATH 7430 Abstract Algebra I

Applied Mathematics

  • MATH 7234 Advanced Linear Algebra
  • MATH 7331 Real Analysis
  • MATH 7231 Advanced Numerical Analysis I


  • MATH 7234 Advanced Linear Algebra
  • STAT 7331 Mathematical Statistics I
  • STAT 7332 Mathematical Statistics II

Computational Sciences

  • MATH 7234 Advanced Linear Algebra
  • MATH 7132 Methods of Optimization
  • MATH 7231 Advanced Numerical Analysis I

Elective Courses (21 credit hours):

Elective courses include approved courses in Math and Statistics. All but one elective courses must be in the area of concentration.

Research (3 credit hours)

Thesis (3 credit hours)

Each student must conduct research, write a thesis and pass an oral defense. Students work with a faculty member, who serves as project director (see Math/Statistics for faculty research areas). Here is a Sample Plan of Study.

*The College of Graduate Studies requires 18 of the 36 credits (half) at the level 7000 or above.


General questions about admission, graduate assistantships, and requests for application materials and catalogs should be directed to the College of Graduate Studies.

Questions from prospective students that concern details of the program should be directed to The Graduate Program Director:

Dr. Yi Hu
Graduate Program Director
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Georgia Southern University
Statesboro, GA 30460-8093, USA
Phone: 912-478-4729

NameTermThesis TitleAdvisorContact or Additional Information *
Fouzia FahrinSpring 2021Unsupervised Classification of Atmospheric Ozon ProfilesDaniel Jones and Yan Wu 
Lateef RasheedFall 2020Decision Pattern Detection from Brain Response to Marketing StimuliIonut Iacob 
Welendawa ElsonFall 2020Association Rules Patterns Discovery from Mixed DataIonut Iacob 
Elizabeth KenkwoSummer 2020Some New Lifetime Distributions: Lindley Log-Logistic Kumaraswamy Lindley Log-Logistic Distributions with ApplicationsBroderick Oluyede 
Lingling ChenSummer 2020Impact of Historical Borrowing in Bayesian Non-Inferiority Trial with Binary DataArpita Chatterjee 
Ibrahim AlliuSummer 2020Change Point Analysis with Control ChartsCharles Champ 
Thomas MasonSummer 2020Explicit Pseudo-Kähler Metrics on Flag ManifoldsFrancois Ziegler 
Aleh AsipchukSummer 2020On Global in Time Asymptotics for Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation with Angular MomentumShijun Zheng 
Tiffani WilliamsSummer 2020Path-Following Interior Point Method with Improved Iteration Bounds for Monotone Linear Complementarity ProblemGoran Lesaja 
Sushmita KhanSummer 2020Mining Hidden Markov Models in Sequences of Characters Using Recurrent Neural NetworksIonut Iacob 
Mehakpreet KaurSummer 2020Artificial Neural Network Models for Pattern Discovery from ECG Time SeriesIonut Iacob 
Mehtab IqbalSummer 2020Determining Political Inclination in Tweets Using Transfer learningShijun Zheng 
Elizabeth HawkinsSummer 2020Analysis on Sharp and Smooth InterfaceZhan Chen 
Mohammad IslamSpring 2020Reduced Dataset Network Model for Manuscript Character RecognitionIonut Iacob 
Soliu RaheemFall 2019Some New Generalized Distribution via Lindley-Weibull and Lindley-Log-Logistic Distributions with ApplicationsBroderick Oluyede 
Matthew GentryFall 2019Inverse Problems Related to the Wiener and Steiner-Wiener IndicesHua Wang 
Omotomilola JegedeSummer 2019Modelling the Stochastic Dynamics of Typhoid Fever and Statistical Determination of Epidemiological OutcomesDivine Wanduku 
Michael NelsonSummer 2019Homological Constructions over a Ring of Characteristic 2Saeed Nasseh 
Paul HarrelsonSummer 2019Taking a Canon to the Adjunction FormulaJimmy Dillies 
Oleh SorokinSpring 2019NEWMA Charts for Controlling the Process Covariance MatrixCharles Champ 
Chinmoy Roy RahulSpring 2019Studying the Stochastic Dynamics of Pneumonia Epidemics: Chain-Binomial Modeling, Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Expectation Maximization AlgorithmDivine Wanduku 
Mymuna MonemSpring 2019Stochastic Modeling and Statistical Estimation for Social Network Epidemics: Markov Chain Modeling, Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Expectation Maximization AlgorithmDivine Wanduku 
Rachel LewisSpring 2019Data Patterns Discovery Using Unsupervised LearningIonut Iacob 
Trevor CamperSpring 2019Essays on Mixture ModelsStephen Carden 
Anthony BushSpring 2019Regression Tree Construction for Reinforcement Learning Problems with a General Action SpaceStephen Carden 
Holly ZoltSpring 2019Totally Acyclic ComplexesAlina Iacob 
Travis WehmeierSpring 2019Conflict Free Connectivity and the Conflict-Free-Connection Number of GraphsHua Wang 
Benjamin HamlinSpring 2019Gallai-Ramsey Number for Classes of BroomsHua Wang 
Oluwaseun FarotimiSpring 2019Survey of Results on Scattering for Magnetic Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation in 3-D and a Class of Nonlocal Conservation LawsShijun Zheng and Yongki Lee 
Charles NewmanFall 2018Stochastic Modeling and Parameter Estimation for Influenza EpidemicsDivine Wanduku 
Hameed JimohFall 2018Some New and Generalized Distributions Via Exponentiation, Gamma and Marshall-Olkin Generators with ApplicationsBroderick Oluyede 
Richardson Saint BonheurFall 2018Survey of Results on the Schrödinger Operator with Inverse Square PotentialYi Hu 
Fayadh KadhemFall 2018A Journey to the Adic WorldJimmy Dillies 
Duleep PrasannaFall 2018Multiclass Classification Using Support Vector MachinesIonut Iacob 
Abdullah Al MamunSummer 2018Multiclass Classification of Risk Factors for Cervical Cancer Using Artificial Neural NetworksIonut Iacob 
Ayoola AdemolaSummer 2018Bayesian Approach to Three Arm Non-Inferiority Clinical Trial Using Negative Binomial EndpointArpita Chatterjee 
Sattajit SutradharSummer 2018Old English Character Recognition Using Neural NetworksIonut Iacob 
Ao ShenSummer 2018Sparse Tree with a Given Degree SequenceHua Wang 
Christopher LeonardSummer 2018Blow up Solution of Bose-Einstein Condensates with Anisotropic Trapping Potential and RotationShijun Zheng 
Raven GilmoreSummer 2018A Survey of Clustering Analysis and Clustering Analysis in GraphsHua Wang 
Talena FletcherSummer 2018Optimal Supply Delivery Under Military Specific ConstraintsIonut Iacob 
Aditi MitraSpring 2018Application of Evolutionary network Concept in Structuring Mathematics CurriculumHua Wang 
Samuel WalkerFall 2017Quasi-Random Action Selection in Markov Decision ProcessesStephen Carden 
Benjamin HoerleinFall 2017Modeling Volatility of Financial Time Series Using Arc LengthStephen Carden 
Artur GrygorianSpring 2017A Markov Decision Process Approach to Adaptive Contact StrategiesStephen Carden 
Sarah AyokuSummer 2017The Burr XII generalized Weibull Distribution with ApplicationsBroderick Oluyede 
Isaac VoegtleSummer 2017The Bessel Function, the Hankel Transform and an Application to Differential EquationsYi Hu 
Keller VandeBogertSummer 2017Fiber Products in Commutative AlgebraSaeed Nasseh 
Chan Mi ParkSummer 2017ADRC Based Control of Nonlinear Dynamical System with Multiple Sources of Disturbance and Multiple InputsYan Wu 
Charles LanningSummer 2017Pattern Containment in Circular PermutationsHua Wang 
Iryna PetrenkoSummer 2017Optimization Methods for Tabular Data ProtectionGoran Lesaja 
Angel WoodsSummer 2017Applications of Flow Network Models in FinanceHua Wang 
Seth GutierrezSpring 2017On Gallai-Ramsey Numbers of Complete Bipartite GraphsColton Magnant 
Meghann GibsonSpring 2017Combinatorics of CompositionsHua Wang 
Rachel BassSpring 2017Graph Invariants of Trees with Given Degree SequenceHua Wang 
Paul ScottSpring 2017Dynamics of Gene Networks in Cancer ResearchHua Wang 
Igor LutsenkoSummer 2016Geometric-Based Algorithm for a Full Row-Rank System Matrix Along Multiple DirectionsJiehua Zhu 
Brian PyronSummer 2016The Forcing and Forbidding of Rainbow-Colored Subgraphs with ImplicationsColton Magnant 
Matthew JustSummer 2016Combinatorial Optimization of Subsequence Patterns in WordsHua Wang 
Katelyn CogginsSummer 2016Gorenstein projective precovers in the category of modulesAlina Iacob 
Nicolas SmootSpring 2016A Partition Function Connected with the Göllnitz-Gordon IdentitiesAndrew Sills 
Michael FoxSpring 2016Gorenstein Projective (Pre)CoversAlina Iacob 
Jonathan GregorySpring 2016Gallai-Ramsey Number of An 8-CycleColton Magnant 
Nyla BasharatSpring 2016Blow-Up Solution and Blow-Up Rate of Bose-Einstein Condensates with Rotational TermShijun Zheng 
Congjian LiuFall 2015The Sensitivity of a Test Based on Spearman’s Rho in Cross-Correlation Change Point ProblemsPatricia Humphrey 
John RyalsFall 2015Combinatorial Game Theory: An Introduction to Tree TopplersHua Wang 
Demet YalmanSummer 2015Labeled Trees and Spanning Trees: Computational Discrete Mathematics and ApplicationsHua Wang 
Patrick MorelySummer 2015Using Graph Clustering to Analyze the Spread of an Infectious Disease on a Random Large Social Network GraphColton Magnant 
Mustafa OzenSummer 2015Improved Full-Newton-Step Infeasible Interior-Point Method for Linear Complementarity ProblemsGoran Lesaja 
William CogginsSummer 2015Enumerating Graphs Using Integrals From Quantum Field TheoryAndrew Sills 
Joshua SmithFall 2014Generating Surfaces of Variable Eccentricity Within a Ray TracerYingkang Hu 
Yuran ZhangSummer 2014Test of Significance about Two Population ProportionsCharles ChampPh.D. Biostatistics at Ohio State -2019
Shuai YuanSummer 2014Extremal Graph Theory and Enumerative CombinatoricsHua Wang 
Shusen PuSummer 2014Two New Classes of Generalized Modified Weibull Distributions with Application to Lifetime DataBroderick Oluyede 
Shujiao HuangSummer 2014Generalized Classes of Distributions with Applications to Income and Lifetime DataBroderick Oluyede 
Iuliia InozemtsevaSummer 2014Epistasis in Predator-Prey RelationshipsJames Braselton 
Tabitha WillifordSpring 2014Structure vs. Properties Using Chemical Graph TheoryHua Wang 
William TrottSpring 2014Elements of Convergence Approach TheoryFrederic Mynard 
Anh TranSpring 2014Adaptive State Feedback Control of Lorenz Systems to Its Non-Trivial EquilibriumYan Wu 
Fedelis MutisoSummer 2013The Generalized Lindley-Weibull Distribution with Applications to Lifetime DataBroderick Oluyede 
Charles DedricksonFall 2012Compositions, Bijections, and EnumerationsHua WangGeorgia Tech, Engineering
Michael DavisFall 2012Homogeneous Symplectic Manifolds of the Galilei GroupFrancois Ziegler 
Linus LindroosFall 2012Integer Compositions, Gray Code, and the Fibonacci SequenceAndrew Sills 
Jeremy DavisFall 2012Integer Solutions to Optimization Problems and Modular Sequences of Nexus NumbersColton Magnant 
Kaili DiamondSummer 2012A non-parametric approach to change point detection in cross-asset correlationsPatricia HumphreyGeorgia Southern University, Instructor
Daniel RicheySummer 2012The Distribution of Individual Stock Returns in a Modified Black-Scholes ModelPatricia HumphreyUniversity of North Carolina-Charlotte (MS math finance)
Antre DrummerSummer 2012Infeasible Full Newton-Step Interior Point Method for Linear Complementarity ProblemsGoran Lesaja 
Nathan FarmerSpring 2012Compact filters and the Arzela-Ascoli TheoremFrederic Mynard 
Jonathan CrosbySpring 2012Covering dg C complexesAlina Iacob 
Yuan YeSpring 2012Properties of Weighted Generalized Beta Distribution of the Second Kind and Its Application to Income DataBroderick OluyedeUniversity of Houston, Ph.D.
Wenmin WangSpring 2012ANALYSIS OF THE FAMILY OF GENERALIZED CUMULATIVE SUM TYPE CONTROL CHARTSCharles ChampFrontier Science & Technology Research Foundation, Inc., Madison, WI.
Alex CollinsSpring 2012Geometric and Algebraic graphs and their applicationsHua WangGeorgia State University, Ph.D.
Aristide SanouSpring 2012The Diver’s DistanceYingkang Hu 
Slava KiriaSpring 2011Rademacher-type seriesAndrew SillsUniversity of Rochester, Ph.D.
John ChanSpring 2011One-dimensional fractal wave equationsSze-Man NgaiUniversity of Delaware, Ph.D.
Shakira GreenSummer 2011Time Series Analysis of Stock Prices Using the Box-Jenkins ApproachPatricia Humphrey 
Nuriye AtaseverSummer 2011On diamond-alpha dynamic equations and inequalitiesBillur KaymakcalanUniversity of New Mexico, Ph.D.
Xueheng ShiSummer 2011Weighted Generalization of Rayleigh and Related Class of DistributionsBroderick OluyedeGeorgia Institute of Technology, Ph.D.
PubuduSummer 2011Full Newton-Step Interior-Point Method for Linear Complementarity ProblemGoran LesajaGeorgia Southern University, Lecturer
Arachchige Priyadarshani, HewaFall 2011STATISTICAL PROPERTIES OF WEIGHTED GENERALIZED  GAMMA AND RELATED DISTRIBUTIONSBroderick OluyedeClemson University, Ph.D.
Emily McLeanFall 2011Gorenstein injective modulesAlina Iacob 
Ouedraogo, JeromeFall 2011Credit Rating and Assignment of NAICS Codes Using LSI MethodPat Humphrey 
Chasen SmithFall 2011On Gorenstein projective and Gorenstein flat modulesAlina IacobGeorgia Southern University, Lecturer
Brittany ColeSpring 2010The study of binary steering algorithms in discrete tomographyXiezhang Li 
Daniel GraySpring 2010GRAPHICAL INDICES AND THEIR APPLICATIONSHua WangUniversity of Florida, Ph.D.
Sippapas SiriJatuphatSpring 2010Design of FIR Low-Pass Digital Differentiators for Signals in Paley-Wiener SpaceYan WuUniversity of Tennessee, Chattanooga, Ph.D.
James BlandSpring 2010A Survey of Generalized Contact StructuresLin Yi 
Jing KerseySpring 2010Weighted Inverse Weibull and Beta-Inverse Weibull DistributionBroderick OluyedeGeorgia Southern University, Doctorial Program Biostatistics
Jeffery CampbellSpring 2010Analysis of Discrete Data Under Order RestrictionsBroderick OluyedeGeorgia Medical College, Ph.D.
Wandee SeetongSpring 2010The reconstruction of large binary images in discrete tomograph by using the binary steering schemeXiezhang Li 
Alfreda RogersSpring 2010A Non-parametric Methods for Ascertaining Change Points in Regression RegimesPatricia Humphrey 
Kellen ParhamSpring 2010Charles Champ  
Dongyu ZangSummer 2010Coding theory and linear block codeSteve DamelinJohn Hopkins University, Ph.D.
Fengjiao HuSummer 2010SEQUENTIAL AND ADAPTIVE STATISTICAL METHODS IN CLINICAL TRIALSCharles ChampVirgina Commonwealth University, Ph.D.
Aaron TaylorSummer 2010Applying transportation forecasting to the Atlanta area public transportation systemGoran LesajaNorth Carolina State University, Ph.D.
Masahiko UchidaFall 2010Fourier Analysis of Wave EquationsShijun ZhengGeorgia Southern University, Instructor
Hammock, MichaelFall 2009Restricted Integer Partition Formulas using q-Partial FractionsAndrew SillsMiddle Georgia College, Instructor
Lynn, CandaceFall 2009Bias in Closed Population Capture-RecapturePatricia HumphreyNational Onion Research, Collins GA
Erkan, SemihFall 2009Markov Chains and Decision Making in Competitive and Random SituationsSteve DamelinCentral Finance and Contracts Unit, Turkey
Jason BrandiesFall 2009Kernel-Based Interior-Point Algorithms for the Linear Complementarity ProblemGoran LesajaAnalyst, Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center
Jones, Daniel C.Summer 2009Stability Analysis of the Chaotic Lorenz System with a State-feedback ControllerYan WuResearch Scientist in the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology
Tanner, BobbySummer 2009Localized Eigenvectors of a Jacobi Matrix from Side-by-Side ModificationsXiezhang LiBradwell Institute, instructor
Chen, JieSpring 2009One-dimensional Fractal Laplacians Defined
by Iterated Function Systems with Overlaps
Sze-Man NgaiUniversity of Washington Ph.DE. Program
Tanksley, LaTrieceSpring 2009Kernel Functions in Interior-Point Methods for Linear Programming ProblemGoran LesajaSavannah Technical College, instructor
Waldring, SegioSpring 2009Standard Network Diagramming Language and Corresponding Meta-ModelVladan JovanovicKennesaw State University, instructor, software engineer
Ammons, MarkSpring 2008Comparison of Major League Baseball
Career and Seasonal Statistical Leaders
Patricia HumphreyBBVA Compass, Birmingham, AL
King, JesseSpring 2008Monitoring the Process Mean of Autocorrelated DataCharles ChampArmy Corps of Engineers, Savannah, Georgia
Linder, DanielSpring 2008Optimal and Permissible Sampling Rates for First-Order Sampling of Two-Band SignalsYan WuMedical College of Georgia, Ph.D.
Randall, RochelleFall 2008Approximation and Integration on Compact Subspace of Euclidean SpaceSteve DamelinUniversity of Lecester, Ph.D.
Gray, TamaraSummer 2007Opial’s Inequality on Time Scales and an ApplicationBillur KaymakcalanMoultrie Technical College
Dunbar, MartinSpring 2007Analysis and Design of Two-Sided CUSUM Charts with Known and Unknown ParametersCharles ChampDoctorate of Public Health
Tanner, JonathanSpring 2007State Feedback Control of a Single-Loop Thermosyphon System via A Quotient ControllerYan WuCurrent Workplace: Gulfstream
Emily PhillipsSpring 2006Epidemiological Model of the Feline Leukemia Virus With Cat Flea TransmissionMatthew SchuetteInstructor, Ogeechee Technical College
Taylor, JeffFall 2006Linearly Independent Vectors and Their ApplicationsSteven Damelin,
Grzegorz Michalski
Instructor, Ogeechee Technical College
Pope, SusanSummer 2006The Mathematics Behind PLINKOSusie LanierInstructor, Ogeechee Technical College
Byrd, ToySummer 2006Numerical and Neural Network Approaches to Interpolation in R^2Laurene FausettHigh School Teacher and Coach, Savannah, Georgia
Craig, SeanSpring 2006Three Arnoldi Iterative Methods of Solution of Linear Systems
Based on Krylov Subspaces
Donald Fausett 
Jovanovic, StevanFall 2005   
Kanuri, ViswanadhFall 2005   
Smith, InnaFall 2005Controllability, Observability and RealizabilityDonald FausettInstructor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Georgia Southern University
Marbury, SherylSummer 2005  IT, Atlanta, Georgia
Trowell, LarrySummer 2005   
Kanuri, KalyaniSpring 2005   
Slaughter, VerlyndaFall 2004A Conic Quadratic Interior-Point Method for a Class
of Stratefied Sampling Problems
Goran LesajaTeacher, Johnson High School, Savannah, Georgia
Sadekin, RafiqueSummer 2004Agent Identification Using Information Gain and Gini Indexing
Methods for Intelligent Control
Wen-Ran ZhangComputer Specialist, Harbor Payments, Atlanta, Georgia
Cooper, DanielSpring 2004Analysis and Optimization of a Mining and
Manufacturing Operation
Donald FausettInstructor, Savannah Technical College
Tugcu, GulcinSpring 2004First Order Linear SystemsLaurene FausettTeacher, Koc School Istanbul, Turkey
Vora, MinalSpring 2004Analyzing Unreplicated Two Level Factorial DesignsCharles ChampInstructor of Learning Support, East Georgia College and State University
Hart, SamuelFall 2003A Three-Dimensional Model of Virus Dynamics in HIV PatientsLiancheng WangInstructor, Southeastern Technical College
Chen, ZhongSummer 2003Design and Implementation of XML in an
Object-Relational Database
Bob Cook 
Wang, DongshengSpring 2003A Test Bed for Mining and Visualizing Cognitive Maps from
Text Data
Wen-Ran Zhang 
Xie, FangFall 2002Mining Functional Dependencies with Degrees of Satisfaction
in Databases
Wen-ran Zhang 
Lee, WesleySummer 2002   
Huband, GarySpring 2002A Power Scheduling Software Package for
Planetary Habitats
James HarrisPensacola, Florida
Liao, HongtaoFall 2001A Web based Remote Doctor’s Office SystemYingkang Hu,
Chong-Wei Xu
Liu, ChangyanFall 2001Computer Telephony Programming in JAVAThomas Murphy 
He, DiSpring 2001An EJB-Cobra Parallel Image Processing SystemChong-Wei XuInstructor, York Technical College, Rock Hill, South Carolina
Ray, MarkSpring 2001Gulfstream Aerospace Aircraft Static Position UtilityChong-Wei XuSenior Technical Specialist, Gulfstream Aerospace, Savannah, Georgia
Li, ShuFall 2000An Online Student Advisement Assistant SystemChong-Wei XuSenior Technical Specialist, Gulfstream Aerospace Co., Savannah, Georgia
Ren, DazhouFall 2000An Online Airline Reservation System with XMLChong-Wie Xu 
Du, YingliangSummer 2000A Component Based Middle-Tier ServerChong-Wei Xu 
He, BoFall 1999A Parallel Computing System in COBRAChong-Wei Xu 
Conk, NusretSummer 1999Developing Database Applications By Using Software
Chong-Wie Xu 
Ellis, AndrewSummer 1998BiRotor Meter Product SelectorMark AulickStatesboro, Georgia
Lesaja, RadojkaSummer 1998Relational database Design with Object-Oriented ModelingChong-Wei XuSenior Data Integrator, Gulf Stream Aerospace Co., Savannah, Georgia
Scharnagl, KennethSummer 1998Stochastic Analysis of Quality Control Charts
Using Integral Equations
Charles Champ 
Rowe, AngeliaSpring 1998Predation and Competition in a Periodically Pulsed ChemostatEric FunasakiPh.D., University of Georgia
Assistant Professor, Georgia College and State University
Overstreet, DessaSpring 1998Generalized Fuzzy C-Means ClusteringRichard HathawayQuality Analyst, Equifax, Atlanta, Georgia
Park, ThomasSpring 1998Alternative Forms of Seasonal Variation in
Childhood Epidemics
John Davenport 
Olejcak, HeatherFall 1997Derivation and Implementation of a New Boolean Function
Minimization Algorithm Using Hypercube Principles
Ahmed Barbour 
Yang, DelongFall 1997Object-Oriented Interactive Network Communication
Programming in JAVA
Chong-Wie Xu 
Rogers, Gerald WesleySummer 1997Fusing Heterogeneous Fuzzy Data for ClusteringRichard HathawayInstructor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Georgia Southern University
Gomez-Grande, JavierSpring 1997Applying the Chebyshev Semi-Iterative Method when the
Bounds of the Eigenvalues are Unknown
Xiezhang Li 
Barrs, KeithFall 1996An Analysis of Shewhart Quality Control Charts to
Monitor Both the Mean and Variability
Charles ChampInstructor of Learning Support,
East Georgia College and State University
Newton, PhilipSummer 1996Probability Limits for Shewhart Phase I X- ChartsCharles Champ 
Howell, Lisa NortonSpring 1996Optimization of the Long JumpMartha AbellEd.D. Georgia Southern University
Associate Professor, Waycross College
Ross, Holley ShaeSpring 1996Analysis of the Run Sum Chart with Applications
in the Clinical Chemistry Laboratory
Charles ChampPh.D., Biostatistics Department,
University of South Carolina
Bowen, Billy RobertWinter 1996Implementing Different Linear Solvers for Solving Stiff
ODE Problems
Xiezhang Li 
Gabre, MohammedSummer 1995XSHARE, An Environment for Shared X-Windows
Chong-Wie Xu 
Kura, AndreasSummer 1995Design of an Automated Scheduling Program to Solve
Advising Problems
Mark Aulick 
Scott, KarenFall 1994Temporal Dynamics of Epizootics in Predator-Prey ModelsLila Roberts 
Chou, Shou-PengSummer 1994Retrospective Control ChartsCharles Champ 
Bevill, Sandra WynneSpring 1993Quality Control in Induction Hardness and Computer Numerical Control GrindingBruce McLeanAssociate Professor of Mathematics, Macon State College
Sheppard, DonnaSpring 1993Dynamics in a Four-Level Laser SystemLila Roberts 
Program Learning Outcomes

The mission of the Master of Science degree in the Department of Mathematical Sciences is to provide graduate students with a strong foundation that leads to success in subsequent careers and educational programs. When graduate students leave our program, they will be prepared for careers (in industry or academia) or for further graduate studies. This is accomplished by having our students demonstrate deep knowledge in core classes, read, analyze and write proofs, communicate mathematical ideas written and verbally, as evidenced by the successful defense of a thesis, and conduct independent and collaborative research.

The Department of Mathematical Sciences supports the University mission of academic distinction in teaching, scholarship and service by providing a superior educational opportunity for students by promoting all aspects of teaching, learning, and researching mathematics.


Upon completion of the MS in Mathematics program, majors will be able to:

PLO1. Solve problems in the advanced areas of (a) numerical analysis, (b) linear algebra, (c) real analysis, and (d) statistics.

PLO2. Read, analyze, and write logical arguments to prove mathematical concepts.

PLO3. Communicate mathematical ideas with clarity and coherence, both written and verbally.

PLO4. Perform research in conjunction with others as well as individually.

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