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Material Science

The Material Science Research Group

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The multidisciplinary research team in Material Science focuses on Polymers/Coatings, Biologically-Inspired Materials, and Hybrid (Nano) composite Materials that manifest themselves in diverse areas, such as information technology, alternative energy and healthcare.

Material Science is multidisciplinary in nature, traditionally drawing from chemistry, physics, mechanical and chemical engineering, and currently being closely related to a broad range of fields including, but not limited to, biomedical engineering, information technology, as well as energy and environment.

Recent advances in materials science are broadly manifested in applied sciences and have contributed enormously to the rapid development of information technology, alternative energy (fuel cell), healthcare, and so on. Many COSM faculty in various departments are already engaged in materials-related research.

Our ultimate goal is to establish a competitive Materials Research Center at Georgia Southern in the following focus areas:

  • Polymers and Coatings
  • Biologically-Inspired Materials
  • Hybrid (Nano) composite Materials

In addition to collaborative research, a cross-disciplinary educational program will offer materials-related courses to upper-level undergraduate and graduate students, thus providing the foundational platform for future graduate degree programs.

Last updated: 7/13/2016