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What is Inclusive Excellence?

Inclusive Excellence is a collaborative process uniting Georgia Southern students, faculty, staff, administrators and alumni in the work of embedding diversity and inclusiveness throughout University life. A commitment to Inclusive Excellence will create an engaged, welcoming campus climate that values diversity, supports student-leaders and rewards excellence at every level.

Inclusive Excellence is also focused on preparing students to succeed in a multicultural economy. According to the American Management Association, a person’s Cultural Intelligence Quotient, which enables college graduates to excel in a diverse workplace, is the #1 predictor of success in today’s global economy.

Does Inclusive Excellence focus only on racial diversity at Georgia Southern?

Inclusive Excellence is not limited to race, as it encompasses a much wider range of experiences, voices and perspectives that define the Georgia Southern community.

Why is it important for Georgia Southern to prepare students to excel in a diverse world?

In addition to providing a world-class education, Georgia Southern has a larger responsibility to support diversity and to prepare students for success in a multicultural world. That commitment connects back to the University’s core mission to create “vibrant learning environments that foster an inclusive, student-centered culture of engagement designed to prepare students for lifelong service as scholars, leaders and responsible stewards of their communities.”

Who is Dr. Damon A. Williams?

Damon A. Williams, Ph.D., a nationally recognized consultant who specializes in diversity, inclusion and leadership development, is working with the Georgia Southern community throughout the 2018-19 academic year to inspire conversations about important issues, build trust and develop solutions. The result of this work will be an actionable Inclusive Excellence Report.

As an expert in strategic diversity leadership, youth development, corporate responsibility, educational achievement, social impact and organizational change, Dr. Williams has worked with more than 1,000 colleges and universities as well as many Fortune 100 companies.

How can I get involved?

  • Complete the Inclusive Excellence Survey on the MyGeorgiaSouthern portal.
  • Attend one of the Inclusive Excellence Listening Sessions on Jan. 28-30 to offer constructive suggestions.
  • Read Strategic Diversity Leadership by Dr. Damon A. Williams, and participate in discussions on campus.
  • Join the conversation at the Inclusive Excellence Design Forum on Feb. 25 to be part of the solution..

When will the Inclusive Excellence Report be released?

The Inclusive Excellence Report will be released in May 2019. All Georgia Southern students, faculty and staff will receive an email with highlights from the report.