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Course Program of Study (CPoS)

Do your Courses Count?

The Department of Education is placing an important emphasis on federal financial aid rules that may impact the amount of aid you receive. This is referred to as Course Program of Study (CPoS). This may result in the reduction of your scholarships, loans and grants.

Specifically, for federal aid to pay for courses in your major, minor, or other degree requirements, it must be part of your program of study or be necessary to earn the total hours required for your degree.  Taking courses not a part of your program of study could result in receiving less federal financial aid and potentially having to pay for courses out-of-pocket. 

Please know that courses may move between sections such as “Electives”, “Courses Appropriate to Major” or other sections depending on changes in registration and grade processing.  You should review your audit the day after registering for courses and grade processing for any changes in the placement of courses that may impact your financial aid.  

Academic departments determine program requirements and these will be entered in the degree evaluation program called Degree Works. For the degree requirements for your program of study please visit your course catalog.

Last updated: 11/10/2020