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The Financial Aid Process: Six Steps

1. Complete the Financial Aid Application

To be reviewed for federal and state student aid, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at between October 1st and February 1st for enrollment in the following fall semester. You must list Georgia Southern’s Title IV school code (001572) on the form. It is important to apply early, as some financial aid funds are limited and are administered on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are only interested in receiving the HOPE Scholarship, you do not need to complete the FAFSA; instead, you can complete the GSFAPPS.  Visit GAfutures for more information about the HOPE Scholarship. If you choose to complete the FAFSA, you must complete a FAFSA or a Renewal FAFSA for each academic year that you want to receive aid. You can review the 7 Step FAFSA Tutorial here.

2. Review your Student Aid Report

Approximately one week after completing your FAFSA, you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR). If you do not, check the status of your report online at The SAR summarizes the information you provided on your FAFSA. If all the information is correct, keep the SAR for your records. (If you listed Georgia Southern on your FAFSA, we will receive a copy of your SAR electronically). If information on your SAR is incorrect, mail in corrections to the appropriate address, or make them online.

3. Georgia Southern Correspondence

Within three to four weeks after you receive a complete, correct SAR, the Georgia Southern Financial Aid Office will email you an award notification via EAGLEGRAM or a request for additional documents. (If you don’t receive an e-mail, please contact us.) Submit requested documents as soon as possible or your aid may be delayed.

4. Your Award Notification

Your EAGLEGRAM advises you to visit MyGeorgiaSouthern to log into WINGS, which describes your financial aid award. Review the information. If there are corrections needed, please notify us by e-mail. You will have to complete Entrance Loan Counseling and electronically sign your Master Promissory Note before loan proceeds will be released. Click here to complete entrance loan counseling and sign your promissory note. The Georgia Southern Office of Student Loans will mail the promissory note to you, if necessary.

NOTE: To be eligible for a Federal Direct Stafford Loan, students must be enrolled and verified as attending at least half-time.

  • 1/2 time for undergraduate students is 6 hours per semester.
  • 1/2 time for graduate students varies per program.  Please click here for more information.

5. Pay Your Bill

The University’s Office of Student Accounts will send you an EAGLEGRAM to notify you that you have new charges on your student account each semester. You must then go to WINGS and select “Registration Invoice and Web Payment” to view your charges and credits. Financial aid applied to your account will be subtracted from the amount due. Read the EAGLEGRAM and webpage carefully and follow all instructions. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A PAPER INVOICE!

6. Get Your Refund

If your aid awarded exceeds the amount you owe the University, a refund check will be mailed to your Georgia Southern campus post office box or to your local or permanent mailing address if you do not have a campus post office box. Keep in mind that federal regulations require attendance verification before your refund can be paid to you.

Federal Aid Eligibility

A Minute to Learn It - Federal Aid Eligibility Video

Applying for Financial Aid

A Minute to Learn It - Applying for Financial Aid Video

Last updated: 2/16/2022