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Data Requests

Note the following:

  • Enrollment, Degrees Awarded, Graduation Rates, Retention Rates, Fact Book, Organizational Charts, Common Data Set, etc. are available through the web links on this office website. The Office of Institutional Research typically reports official census data, which are normally available by mid-November for fall semesters, mid-March for spring semesters, and mid-August for summer semesters.
  • If you need enrollment data other than those noted above, feel free to submit an IR Data Request ticket using the MyHelp link below.

  • Student, Faculty or Staff data not available from Institutional Research (IR), may be available from the Registrar’s Office (Student record data), Academic Affairs (Faculty data) or Human Resources (Staff data). Please contact those offices for data not provided by IR. Third-parties must file requests for student records or directory data through the Office of Legal Affairs. You may submit your request to them by emailing
  • Survey distribution and development: The Office of Institutional Research can also assist with survey development and approval for distribution. Please review the current Survey Distribution Policy and the Survey Distribution Approval Procedure and submit your request below.

Use the New Ticket option in MyHelp to submit an IR Data Request ticket. 

Per the Office of Legal Affairs, if you are requesting access to University records pursuant to the Georgia Open Records Act,, please contact them directly. You may e-mail your requests to them at

Last updated: 3/21/2024