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Gifts to the Parker College of Business are vital because they provide the funds that close the gap between tuition and the total cost to educate a student. Tuition and fees cover only half the cost of a student’s education.  Annual gifts—no matter the size—add up to an important income stream that underwrites school activities and ensures the continued excellence and fiscal health of the Parker College of Business.  Every gift makes a difference in its own right and helps to inspire other donors.

Business Excellence Fund

The Parker College Business Excellence Fund plays a crucial role in advancing the college’s mission by supporting a diverse range of initiatives. This fund serves as a catalyst for positive impact, channeling resources into experiential learning opportunities, emergency student scholarships, faculty research endeavors, student career events, and other strategic initiatives. Through these avenues, the fund directly empowers both students and faculty, providing essential resources that are integral to their academic and professional success.

Parker Business Scholarship Fund

The Parker Business Scholarship Fund enables the recruitment and retention of the best and brightest students with competitive offers from other universities, making the Parker College of Business a destination of first choice for students across the state and region.  The Fund aligns with the college’s mission by offering renewable scholarships that go beyond one-time financial support, ensuring continued assistance throughout the recipients’ academic endeavors.  Through its commitment to providing renewable scholarships, the Parker Business Scholarship Fund exemplifies a long-term investment in the education and success of students at Parker College, fostering a legacy of excellence and achievement.

Other Giving Opportunities

Parker College – General

GS0764 Enactus
AS2667 Solomons Economic Student Fund
AS2669 Driving Young America Scholarship for Economics
GS0350 Parker College of Business Gala
GS3674 Susan Rebstock Williams Business Technology Scholarship
GS3849 William and Kimberly McLeod Endowment for Global Education
GS3856 L. Inman Hodges, Sr. and Mary Sue Lovell Hodges Endowed Sch
GS3858 Pannullo Family Scholarship
GS3864 David R. Edwards Endowment for Career Development
GS3865 Don and Teri Howard Endowed Scholarship
GS3876 Michael S. Lamberth Endowed Scholarship
GS4512 Camille Rogers Memorial Scholarship
GS3644 Wilburn Wright Woodcock Memorial COBA Scholarship

Parker College – Dean

GS0009 Parker College of Business Annual Scholarships
GS0053 Parker Impact Acceleration Fund
GS0277 Parker College of Business Excellence Fund
GS0505 College of Business Building Fund (Building A Legacy)
GS0797 Eagle Executive Society
GS3204 College of Business Faculty Enrichment Fund
GS3223 Lon Carnes/Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship
GS3243 Savannah Foods & Industries Endowment
GS3272 Bank of America Faculty Development Endowment
GS3314 Russell and Aliese Priddy/Price Foundation Scholarship
GS3319 Dixie Crystals Business Scholarship
GS3331 Robert F. Morris Sr. Business Scholarship
GS3385 Evelyn Spain Coe Memorial Scholarship
GS3386 Charles R. Gibbs Faculty Award
GS3401 W.A. and Emma Lou Crider Award for Excellence in Teaching
GS3414 BB&T Distinguished Chair in Money and Banking
GS3422 W.E.Carter Distinguished Chair in Business Administration
GS3429 Coca-Cola International Trade Scholarship
GS3435 T.J. Morris Jr. Continuous Improvement Fund
GS3456 William A. Freeman Distinguished Chair of Free Enterprise
GS3472 Tomlinson and Bond Families Award of Excellence
GS3476 Martin NeSmith Faculty Award for Excellence in Service
GS3555 Robert T. Cox Scholarship
GS3556 William A. Freeman Professor of the Year Award
GS3569 Ron and Barbara Shiffler Instructor Award
GS3591 Farmers and Merchants Bank Distinguished Scholar
GS3605 Ori James Beta Gamma Sigma Scholarship Fund
GS3612 Earle D. Cummings Memorial Scholarship in the College of Business
GS3622 Howard Lumber Business Scholarship
GS3678 Donald D. Howard Excellence in Business Fund
GS3680 Gary M. Davis Excellence in Business Fund
GS3686 Eagle Executive Society Endowment
GS3695 Marcia White Jones Scholarship
GS3738 Premier Management Group Scholarship
GS3761 Hall, Cox and Burchett Family Scholarship
GS3766 Helen and Asbury Stembridge, Jr. Scholarship
GS3801 Parker Business Scholars Program
GS3802 Parker Business Scholarship Fund
GS3803 Parker Faculty Support Fund
GS3816 Clay Coolidge Memorial Scholarship
GS3821 Henry Education & Entrepreneurship Foundation (HEEF) Endowed
GS3840 Van Epps Endowed Scholarship


GS0101 School of Accountancy
GS0562 Accounting Scholarship Fund
GS0818 Center for Forensic Studies in Accounting and Business
GS3217 Dabbs, Hickman, Hill & Cannon Scholarship
GS3264 Paul G. LaGrone Accounting Scholarship
GS3339 Ori James Beta Alpha Psi Endowment
GS3497 Porter Keadle Moore, LLP Scholarship
GS3578 Olivia Suggs Flanagan Faculty Fellowship
GS3606 Porter Keadle Moore, LLP Faculty Fellowship
GS3610 Draffin and Tucker LLP School of Accountancy Scholarship
GS3627 Holland, Henry & Bromley School of Accountancy Scholarship
GS3633 Michael W. Skinner School of Accountancy Excellence Fund
GS3659 William T. Herring MAcc Scholarship
GS3681 Billy and Jo Ann Hickman Master of Accounting Scholarship
GS3693 Excellence in Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination Fund
GS3740 Sharon J. Ponder Accounting Scholarship
GS3774 Kris and Beverly Trainor Accounting Scholarship
GS3780 J. Richard Henry, Jr. Accounting Endowed Scholarship Fund
GS3793 Cary, Ellen, & Louise W. Long MAcc Scholarship Fund
GS3836 Tim Pearson Memorial Scholarship


AS2668 Robert E Lee Morgan Annual Scholarship
AS3053 Solomons Eminent Scholar Chair in Economics
AS3065 H. Russell Martin Jr. Economics Award
AS3084 Lillian A. Hood Economics Scholarship
AS3100 Mary Foy Space Scholarship for Economics
AS3104 Robert E. Lee Morgan Scholarship
GS0225 Department of Economics
GS0634 Atlanta Chapter of CPCU Scholarship
GS0868 Dept of Economics Opportunity Scholarship
GS0973 Economics Excellence Fund

Enterprise Systems & Analytics

GS0582 Janofsky Family Scholarship in Information Systems
GS0697 Department of Enterprise Systems and Analytics
GS0794 Ulysses S. Knotts, Jr. Information Systems Scholarship
GS0848 SAP@GSU TERP-10 Fund
GS3516 Pickett-Garvin Scholarship in Information Systems
GS3526 Jean C. and David G. Spoolstra Faculty Award
GS3628 Paul and Ivey Beardslee Scholarship
GS3705 Safe Systems Endowed IS Scholarship


GS0054 Praevolo Investment Fund
GS0155 Department of Finance
GS3259 M. Albert Burke Banking Endowment
GS3309 Center for Excellence in Financial Services
GS3322 Paul Kidd Memorial Scholarship
GS3572 J. Daniel Speight, Jr. Banking Excellence Fund
GS3778 Robert and Thalia Stoddard Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

GS0450 Southern Center for Logistics and Intermodal Transportation
GS0971 Department of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
GS3509 Atlanta Air Cargo Association Scholarship


GS0438 Hospitality Management Fund
GS0637 Society for Human Resource Management Fund
GS0895 Department of Management
GS3562 Mark Anderson Scholarship in Business
GS3611 Leonard and Betty Blount Scholarship for Entrepreneurship St
GS3785 Carey Rountree Memorial Scholarship in Hospitality Mgmt


GS0096 Center for Retailing Studies
GS0783 Center for Excellence in Sales & Sales Management
GS0969 Department of Marketing
GS3541 William Bolen Retailing Scholarship
GS3654 Jane White Marketing Scholar and Scholarship
GS3685 Giacomo Family Memorial Scholarship
GS3725 Dr. Cathy Owens Swift Professional Travel Award for Sales


GS0678 MBA Programs Fund Parker College of Business MBA Program
GS3614 Duke Kramer MBA Graduate Assistantship Parker College of Business MBA Program


GS0865 PCOB Honors Program Office Fund

Last updated: 1/5/2024