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John Hatem

Professor of Finance


  • Ph.D., Louisiana State University, 1990
  • BS, Yale College, 1980

Area of Specialization

  • Finance


John J. Hatem is a professor of finance at Georgia Southern University. He requests that his students: Ask questions, read with comprehension, think, use your imagination, do your own work.


For eons bacteria and viruses have fought for supremacy, humanity is just one of their battle grounds.

We are neither slaves to ignorance, nor prisoners of fear.

What if the current members of 322 had been acceptable in 1979?


“Old men…their brains go to their groins.” Stanford Professor Phyllis Gardner, referring to the board of directors overseeing the Theranos’ fraud debacle.

“Mathematics is a language.” Yale Professor Josiah Willard Gibbs, during a faculty discussion on replacing the mathematics requirements with foreign languages.

Let us enjoy the beauty of the moon” Rear Admiral Tamon Yamaguchi’s last moments aboard the aircraft carrier, Hiryu, during the battle of Midway.

If you look at the motivations for the way women engage in philanthropy versus the ways that men engage in philanthropy, there’s much more ego involved in the man, it’s much more transactional, it’s much more status driven.” Indiana University Professor Debra Mesch on the extraordinary giving of MacKenzie Scott.

Office Location

Parker College of Business room 3347
Phone: (912) 478-0754


Curriculum Vitae

Last updated: 12/19/2023