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Welcome to the Regional Education Collaborative

In November 2019 university, business and county leaders from Savannah-Chatham and Bulloch County came together to establish the Regional Education Collaborative. The Collaborative is a community partnership initiative committed to assuming the shared responsibility of regional education efforts and workforce development. They value the importance of working collaboratively in order to close the post-secondary attainment gap and better prepare all students to ensure they enroll in post-secondary, enlist in the military or are gainfully employed in the workforce.

The Collaborative is focused on increasing the opportunities for all students by coordinating the existing resources already in place that support an expanded P-20 framework with four developmental themes – early learning, foundations, explorations and independence.

In a short amount of time REC has gained significant momentum and is proud of what has already been accomplished. We are excited about the future impact we will have on our region. 

We invite you to check back often for updates on specific projects.

Guiding Principles

  • Talent and intellectual capacity exists throughout our school system and post-secondary institutions, but opportunity may not. 
  • Social mobility through access to post-secondary education, (technical college or university) is essential for economic and talent development for Savannah-Chatham County and Bulloch County. 
  • Leaders from community, post-secondary education, K-12, Pre-K, business, health, and government working together will increase opportunities


  • Increase access and opportunities for all students through a community network
  • Assume shared responsibility and leveraging of existing resources to impact regional educational efforts and talent development
  • Ensure all students graduate from high school prepared to enter the workforce and/ or enter the military or succeed in post-secondary education and beyond