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Getting Published

Scholarly publishing is rapidly changing. There are an increasing number of published journals, as well as many Open Access publishers, and publishing opportunities. Where you decide to publish is an important consideration.

Have Similar Studies Been Published?

Many of the library research databases will provide you with a ranked list of journal titles based on your search results. You can search for papers in the general area of your research, and then look for a listing (generally to the left of the search results) labeled Publications, Sources, or Journals. These are typically listed , most to least, in the number of papers published in each title.  Start with the list to identify journals in your subject area to investigate further.

Journal Article Submission  

Submitting a Journal Manuscript and Peer Review – SpringerNature

How to Target a Journal that’s Right for your Research (SciDevNet) How to find a reputable journal to publish in.

Elsevier’s College of Skills Training (Elsevier) Set of lectures, videos, and quick guides for navigating the publication process.

University Libraries

Research Information for Students

Last updated: 3/17/2023