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Georgia Southern Student Scholars Symposium (GS4)

Showcase your projects at the Georgia Southern Student Scholars Symposium (GS4). This annual event is held each spring, featuring posters, oral presentations, panels, performances, and other creative inquiry from all disciplines. The Symposium is open to both graduate and undergraduate scholars.

The submission portal can be found at:

2024 Schedule/Programs:

Statesboro Campus-Russell Union, April 16th

Armstrong Campus-Student Union, April 18th

Attached are final schedules for the symposium

Past Programs

2023 Program

2021 Program

2021 Research Symposium Cover Page displaying STEM, Health, Music, Athletics, Business, and Computer Logos rising from an open book.

2019 Programs

2019 Research Symposium Cover Page focusing on an open book with bubbles rising from it carrying STEM, Health, Music, Athletics, and Business Logos in a rainbow of colors.

2018 Programs 

2018 GS Research Symposium Cover Page that include colorful STEM, Health, Music, Athletics, Education and Business Icons floating upward from a textbook.
2018 Armstrong Student Scholars Symposium with logos from Science, Writing and Education.

2017 Programs

2017 GS Research Symposium Cover Page that include colorful bubbles with logos of various degree paths.
2017 Armstrong State University Student Scholars Symposium with outlined photos of an open book, pencil with eraser, and a microscope.

2016 Programs

2016 GS Research Symposium advertisement with assorted logos floating in a rainbow of colored bubbles above an open book.
2016 Student Scholars Symposium featuring photos from the Sciences, Education, and Writing.

2015 Programs

2015 GS Research Symposium advertisement with a variety of colored bubbles with logos from STEM, Education, Business, and Health majors.
2015 Student Scholars Symposium with a thought bubble and Icons from the Sciences, writing, and education.

2014 Programs

2014 Research Symposium with photos of people smiling and talking at the symposium and icons from STEM, Music and Business majors.
2014 Student Scholars Symposium advertisement with logos from STEM, Education and Writing majors.