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Congratulations Corner

There are many successes on our campus in which we can take pride. This section highlights the impressive accomplishments throughout our academic institution.

If you have an accolade or achievement, please send it to Mary Kate Allen to be included in the next newsletter.

These are the celebrated achievements of faculty and staff within Academic Affairs for April 2024.


In CBSS, Associate Professor Lindsey Stone, Ph.D. recently published the backdated journal article, “The Link Between Adolescent Girls’ Interpersonal Emotion Regulation with Parents and Peers and Depressive Symptoms: A Real-Time Investigation” in Development and Psychopathology.

(WCHP/COE) Georgia Southern University Professors, Jody Langdon, Ph.D., and Diana Botnaru, M.D., in collaboration with Assistant Professor Anna Brady, Ph.D., recently had their research article, “Need Satisfaction, Motivation, and Learning Strategies in Undergraduate Kinesiology Students” published in the International Journal of Kinesiology in Higher Education.

CBSS Assistant Professor Nicolette Rickert, Ph.D. recently published “Parent and Teacher Involvement and Adolescent Academic Engagement: Unique, Mediated, and Transactional Effects” in the International Journal of Behavioral Development.

CAH’s Spencer Silverthorne’s poem “I Fail at Portraying Orange Crush in Drag” has been published by Maudlin House.

CBSS Assistant Professor, Kayla Randall, Ph.D. recently published “Stimulus Avoidance Assessment: A Systematic Literature Review” with the Association for Behavioral Analysis International.

Dr. Timothy Whelan from CAH’s article, “The Lispings of a Babe”? Anne Dutton’s Publishing History and Literary Legacy.” has been published in Women’s Writing and can be seen on the journal’s website at His article, “Anne Dutton and Church Books: The Importance of Manuscript Sources in Reconstructing the Lives of Eighteenth-Century Baptist Women,” has been published in the current issue of The Journal of Andrew Fuller Studies 8.2 (Spring 2024). His article, “New Letters of Sara Coleridge to Maria Jane Jewsbury, 1829-1832,” will be appearing shortly in the next issue of The Coleridge Bulletin.

CBSS Assistant Professor, Virginia Rolling, Ph.D recently published “Viewers’ Sensations: Using Skin Sensor Technology to Assess Wearable Technology” in Fashion, Style, & Popular Culture.

CAH’s Dr. Christopher Hendricks’ article “The Multicultural Nature of Eighteenth-Century Cooking in British America: The Southern Rice Pie” appeared in Carolina Currents: Studies in South Carolina Culture.

CBSS Assistant Professor Elizabeth Rahilly, Ph.D. recently published “Gender Identity Revisited Among Gender-Open Parents: New Perspectives from Classical Models of the Self” with her co-author, Andrew Seeber, in Sociological Inquiry.

JPHCOPH’s Dr. Isaac Fung was recently published in Emerging Infectious Diseases (2022 Impact Factor: 11.8 | Ranked 10th out of 96 infectious disease journals). The citation is as follows:Kehoe AD, Mallhi AK, Barton CR, Martin HM, Turner CM, Hua X, Kwok KO, Chowell G, Fung ICH (2024). SARS-CoV-2 Transmission in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario, Canada, January 2020–January 2022. Emerging Infectious Diseases. 30(5): 956-967. Published online, April 8, 2024. Accepted for publication, February 28, 2024. DOI:

CBSS Assistant Professor, Alicia Brunson, Ph.D. recently published “Black Students’ Suggestions for an ‘Inclusive’ and ‘Excellent’ University: An Examination of an Historically and Predominantly White Institutions in Southeast Georgia” in Humanity and Society.

JPHCOPH’s Dr. Jing Kersey was recently published in the Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare. The citation is as follows: 
Adebile TV, Adebile TM, Oloyede TF, et al. Telemedicine for obesity management among United States adults: A systematic and meta-analysis of intervention studies. Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare. 2024;0(0). doi:10.1177/1357633X241247240

CBSS Associate Professor Amanda Graham, Ph.D. and Assistant Professor, Caitlin Brady, Ph.D., with their former student, G. Dieterich, published “Ambiguous Calls: Public Preferences for Law Enforcement Responses to People in Crisis” in the Journal of Justice.

JPHCOPH’s Dr. Stacy Smallwood and other members of the JPHCOPH community have been published in a book titled, “Agency and Bodily Autonomy in Systems of Care” edited by Dr. Heidi Altman.

CBSS Associate Professor Ginger Wickline, Ph.D. had her advance online article, “Syllabus Factors: Perceptions of instructor and course impacted by graphics and skills descriptions”, printed in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology.

JPHCOPH’s Dr. Stacy Smallwood and several current and past students had an article published in the Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship titled, “Toward a Beloved Community: Facilitated Group Listening as a tool for community development and civic engagement.”

CBSS Assistant Professor Jonathan Friedel, Ph.D recently published “Establishment-level safety analytics: a scoping review” in the International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics.

JPHCOPH’s Drs. Hani Samawi, Jing Kersey, and Haresh Rochani were published in the Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics. The title of their work is Medical Diagnostic Accuracy Measures: An Innovative Approach Based on the Area Under Predictive Values Curves.  

CBSS Associate Professor Heidi Altman, Ph.D recently published an edited volume entitled “Agency and Bodily Autonomy in Systems of Care” with Rowman & Littlefield.

JPHCOPH’s Dr. Gulzar Shah was published in Health Informatics. The full citation is:Ayangunna E. Shah GH, Kalu K, Shankar P, Shah B. Variations in Pattern of Social Media Engagement between Individuals with Chronic Conditions and Mental Health Conditions. Informatics 2024, 11, 18.

CBSS Professor Michael Neilsen, Ph.D. and GSU International Research Scholar from Kayseri University, Mustafa Ulu, Ph.D.’s co-authored book chapter, “On the Relationships between Prejudice and Value Orientations of Turkish University Students”, with International Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities.

JPHCOPH’s Dr. Stacy Smallwood was published in Social Work in Public Health. The citation is as follows: Aluah, C. P., Robillard, A. G., Billings, D. L., & Smallwood, S. W. (2024). Courtesy stigma and HIV professionals: A brief review of implications for psychosocial and professional well-being. Social Work in Public Health [epub ahead of print].

CBSS Assistant Professor Virginia Rolling, Ph.D. recently published a book chapter entitled, “Spooling and neuroaesthetics: How technology helps fashion progress”, with Bloomsbury (New York, NY).

JPHCOPH’s Drs. Jones, Aslan, and Nazaruk were published in the Journal of Health and Water. This manuscript is based on a survey of Georgia beachgoers asking them what they would do if they encounter an advisory warning them that the beach water is polluted with pathogens.  While locals report they would continue to use the beach but stay out of the water, visiting tourists reported they would seek out another beach destination. The citation is as follows:
Jones J, Aslan A, Nazaruk D, Zeki S. Beachgoers’ Responses to Polluted Beach Health Advisories. Journal of Health and Water. (2024) v22 n3.

CBSS Professor Jacek Lubecki, Ph.D and Assistant Professor, Christopher Brown, Ph.D. secured a book contract with Central European Press for their monograph entitled, “Demographic Purgatory and the Breakdown of Consolidated Democracies: A Cross-Regional Comparison, Latin America and East Central Europe”.

JPHCOPH’s Dr. Yelena Tarasenko was published in Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health. The citation for her manuscript is as follows:
Ding Y, Zhou Y, Han H, Chen C, Tarasenko Y. Risk Factors of Premature Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease in China: A Longitudinal Analysis of the China Health and Nutrition Survey Cohort. Asia Pac J Public Health. 2024 Jan 21:10105395241226525. doi: 10.1177/10105395241226525. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 38247055.

CBSS Professor Jacek Lubecki, Ph.D published a book entitled, “Globalization, Nationalism, and Imperialism: A New History”, with Central European Press.

JPHCOPH’s Dr. Yelena Tarasenko was published in the Journal of Service-Learning in Higher Education. The citation is as follows: 
Yelena Tarasenko, Maria Olivas, Urkovia Andrews, Kara Holland. Using Service Learning in an Online Course on Grant Writing for Doctoral Students of Public Health Vol. 18 (2024): Journal of Service-Learning in Higher Education.

CBSS Assistant Professor Christopher Brown, Ph.D published a book entitled, “Failed Democracies in Latin America and the Caribbean”, with Palgrave-Macmillan.

JPHCOPH’s Dr. Stacy Smallwood was published in Sexual and Gender Diversity in Social Services. The citation is as follows:Cegelka, D., Wagner-Greene, V. R., Smallwood, S., Spencer, M., & Hein, L. (2024). An exploratory look at perceptions of southern LGBT older adults on three long-term care services. Sexual and Gender Diversity in Social Services [epub ahead of print].

Presentations & Accolades

JPHCOPH’s Mrs. Angie Peden, Assistant Director of the Center for Public Health Practice and Research, was honored by receiving the Georgia Public Health Associations (GPHA) President’s Award this year at the annual conference on Jekyll Island. 

WCHP’s Department of Health Sciences and Kinesiology Associate Professors, Christina Gipson, Ph.D., and Jessica Mutchler, Ph.D., have been awarded a Faculty Research Award in the amount of $9,995.50 by Georgia Southern University’s Faculty Research Committee to assisting in continuing the Mind and Body Fitness program.


Drs. Jhy-Charm Soo and Atin Adhikari students received second place for the “2024 Rolls-Royce Mechanical Engineering Awards.” Four mechanical engineering undergraduates (Matthew Parker, Francesco Alonso, Sarah Horton, and Tanner Cone) and one JPHCOPH graduate (Kaleigh Jordan) were recognized.  Their presentation focused on outward leakage of respirators including N95 FFR and surgical mask, and the title was as follows:
Depreciating Effectiveness of Particulate Respirator Filters with Time and Intensity 
Dr. Marina Eremeeva and 4 students attended the 86th Annual Meeting of Georgia Entomological Society last week. Among this group, they presented 2 posters and 1 oral presentation. The presentations are listed below. 

  • Obianyo, C.M., S. Das, T. Adebile, M.E. Eremeeva. 2024. Tick surveillance on the Georgia Southern University Statesboro campus. (Poster presentation).
  • Ogwara, C., M.E. Eremeeva. 2024. Genetic diversity of Rickettsia amblyommatis in ticks. (Poster presentation).
  • Brennon, K., N. Hight, M.E. Eremeeva. 2024. Detection of IgG-type antibodies to spotted fever group rickettsiae in sera of healthy individuals from Georgia, USA.  (Oral presentation).

Of particular note, the presentation by Kay’La Brennon received J.H. Oliver, Jr. Award for Best BS Student Presentation. Kay’La is BSPH Honors’ student and this was her first oral presentation at a conference. Also, Chiamaka Ogwara, a Biology Honors’ student, received an Award for the Best BS Student poster presentation.

CBSS Associate Professor Ginger Wickline, Ph.D., and a former undergraduate student now in our Experimental Masters program in Psychology won the SoTL Research Award from the National Institute for Teaching of Psychology.

JPHCOPH’s Dr. Kristie Waterfield participated in the “CDC Foundation Public Health Informatics Academia Focus Group.” This group is part of CDC Foundation’s Data Modernization Initiative (DMI) and it is intended to engage leadership and faculty from top public health and informatics academic programs to determine what skills and competencies the future workforce needs to keep pace with the changing landscape of public health data analytics.

CAH’s Dr. Jason Hoelscher presented a paper titled Post-Critical Critique in the Age of Scrolling, Swiping, and Risk-Averse Commenting at the College Art Association (CAA) conference in Chicago this past February, as part of the Shaking it Up: New Students, New Strategies panel. Additionally, a solo exhibition featuring ten of Hoelscher’s new paintings and six new prints, titled Surface Tension: Recent Picture Planes, is on display at the West Virginia Weslayan College Sleeth Gallery through early/mid-April.

JPHCOPH’s Dr. Rob Bohler presented at the Rx and Illicit Drug Conference in Atlanta. The title of the presentation was “How to Maximize Opioid Settlement Funds for a Comprehensive Response to the Opioid Crisis.”

CBSS Associate Professor, Jennifer Sweeney-Tookes, Ph.D was awarded Faculty Research funding of $5,000 for her research on Barbadian Fisheries Management.

JPHCOPH’s Dr. Rob Bohler delivered a webinar entitled “The Role of Social Determinants of Health in Improving the Lives of People with Substance Use Disorder” to the Behavioral Health Excellence Technical Assistance Center. This group consists of behavioral health workforce development grantees across the nation.

In WCHP, April Garrity, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, professor in the Communication Sciences and Disorders program, was invited to be a guest speaker at the Council of Academic Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CAPCSD) conference where she spoke on evidence-based strategies for mental health and well-being in teaching and learning. 

JPHCOPH’s Dr. Gulzar Shah was a co-presentater with Alumna, Dr. Tran Nguyen, Associate Professor at Augusta University, at the NACCHO’s Annual Emergency Preparedness Summit in Cleveland, OH March 25-28. The title of the presentation was:
Shah GH, Nguyen T. LHD Characteristics Associated with Changes in Emergency Preparedness Activities Amidst COVID-19 Response: Use of Historical Data to Contextualize Current Changes. 

CBSS Associate Professor, Jennifer Sweeney-Tookes, Ph.D was invited to participate in a planning workshop on “Advancing Fishing Community Resilience and Adaptation in a Changing Climate” organized by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Marine Fisheries Division.

JPHCOPH’s Dr. Gulzar Shah presented at the ASPPH Annual meeting. He co-presented with his Graduate Assistant, Dr. Indira Karibayeva, and the title of their work was “Trends and challenges in partnerships between schools of public health and public health departments.”

Dr. Julia Griffin from CAH presented “Elsinore Else: Hamlet and Afterwards” at the Southwest Popular/American Culture Association conference in Albuquerque.  She also published poems in Light and Lighten Up Online, including a double ballade on political matters which some might find entertaining:

Several JPHCOPH faculty presented at a Health Equity Summit hosted by the Abraham-Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton on March 11. 
Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Jackie Mesenbrink
Topic: Collaborating across sectors to Encourage Community Engagement and Partnership

Breakout Speaker 2:
Dr. Yelena Tarasenko
Topic: Using Evidence-Based Tools to Better Understand Chronic Disease and Cancer Related Health Topics

Panel Discussion: 
Dr. Tilicia Mayo-Gamble 
Topic: A Collaborative Approach at Advancing Health Equity
Tilicia has also been working with health clinics in Sylvester and Albany, GA.

Director of Georgia Southern University’s Psychology Clinic Amy Luna, Ph.D won the Innovation Award at the Association of Psychology Training Clinics annual conference for her work to support LGBTQIA+ individuals via the Georgia Southern Prism Clinic.

CAH’s Dr. Pamela Bourland-Davis was on several panels at the SSCA (Southern States Communication Association) conference in Frisco, Texas.
Bourland-Davis, Pamela G. (2024). “Closing the Gap: Essential Skills for the  21st PR Practitioner,” panelist, Southern States Communication Association, Frisco, TX.
Bourland-Davis, Pamela G. (2024) “Building Effective Representative Leaders: Communicating Belonging with Women in Higher Education,” panelist, Southern States Communication Association, Frisco, TX.
Bourland-Davis, Pamela G. (2024). PR coursework valued by practitioners and other pedagogical implications, as part of The 2023 Commission for Public Relations Education Report: Classroom-Centered Recommendations. Southern States Communication Association, Frisco, TX.
Bourland-Davis, Pamela G. (2024) Balancing the “study,” or classes, in Study Abroad, as part of Study Abroad — Not a Vacation, but a Great Place to Teach. Southern States Communication Association, Frisco, TX.

JPHCOPH’s Drs. Samawi, Kersey, Yu presented at ENAR in Baltimore, MD (March 10 – 13). Several JPHCOPH students we co-presenters. Titles of these presentations are as follows:
(a)  Hani Samawi (Presenter and Author), Marwan Alsharman, Mario Keko and Jing Kersey (2024). Post-test Diagnostic Accuracy Measures Under Tree Ordering of Disease Classes
(b)  Hani Samawi (Author), Mario Keko (Author), Marwan Alsharman (Author), and Jing Kersey (Presenter and Author). Diagnostics Accuracy, Optimal Cut-off selection, and extended ROC Analysis Under Tree Ordering of Disease Classes.(c)  Ibrahim Alliu (Presenter and Author),  Lili Yu (Author), Jing Kersey (Author), and Hani Samawi (Author). Reducing Sample size Needed for Accelerated Failure Time Model under Progressive Type -II Censoring using Rank Set Sampling as a More efficient Methods.

CBSS Assistant Professor, Virginia Rolling, Ph.D. won the 2024 Teaching Excellence Award from the International Textile and Apparel Association.

Dr. Julie de Chantal from CAH received the University’s Scholarly Pursuit Research Funding for her book project entitled Just Ordinary Mothers: Black Women’s Grassroots Organizing in Boston, from the Vote to the Busing Crisis. CAH’s Dr. Juanjuan Peng also received a Georgia Southern Faculty Research Committee Scholarly Pursuit Award for her research project titled “Soong Sisters in Macon, Georgia: Three Chinese Overseas Students in the American South, 1904-1913.” 

CBSS Assistant Professor, Elizabeth Rahilly, Ph.D and her mentee Brady McLean, presented “Lost in TRANSlation: Trans and Nonbinary Persons’ Religious Experiences in the Southeast at the 2024 Southern Sociological Society conference.

At the South Central Renaissance Conference in Savannah (which the Department helped support), CAH’s Drs. Kathleen Comerford, Cathy Skidmore-Hess, and undergraduate Honors College student Melissa Cuzzo presented at the session “Misunderstood Queens: Rescuing Royal Women from Their Negative Images.”  Melissa will also present her research at the coming GS4 Research Symposium.

CBSS Associate Professor Ginger Wickline, Ph.D. and undergraduate student/McNair Scholar, Carmen Ford, were co-selected for 1 of 8 highly coveted Teaching Slam spots at the January 2024 National Institute for Teaching of Psychology.

CAH’s Dr. Bill Eaton presented “Artificial Intentionality: Could AI Have Real Mental States,” for the AI Task Force Lecture Series for the College of Arts and Humanities.

CBSS Assistant Professor Virginia Rolling, Ph.D. presented “History the Influenced Fashion: A Student created Fashion History Decades Timeline” for the Proceedings of the Costume Society of America in Washington, DC.

Dr. Karin Fry from CAH published a book review of Dana Vila’s Hannah Arendt: a Very Short Introduction, in History of European Ideas. She also presented “Thinking and Politics in Arendt and Jaspers,” at the Hannah Arendt Circle at New York University. 

CBSS Assistant Professor, Virginia Rolling, Ph.D. presented “Cotton Sustainability Introduced in the Classroom” for the Proceedings of the International Federation for Home Economics World Congress in Galway, Ireland. Rolling also presented “Student feedback on an open education fashion designer project” for the Proceedings of the International Federation for Home Economics World Congress in Galway, Ireland.

CAH’s Dr. Dan Larkin presented “Elusive Illusionists: Sophistry as techne in Plato’s Sophist,” at the Midsouth Conference at Rhodes College. 

CBSS Professor Michael Neilsen, Ph.D. presented “Puzzles in Class” at the annual meeting of the Southeastern Teaching of Psychology in Atlanta, Georgia.

From CAH, Dr. José Manuel Hidalgo’s article “El eunuco Luis como parodia de Polifemo en la Novela del celoso extremeño de Miguel de Cervantes,” will be published in the Spring 2024 volume of the Hispanic Review, University of Pennsylvania.
The Hispanic Review is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious and influential journals in the field of Hispanic and Lusophone studies. Its long history, rigorous peer-review process, and commitment to publishing high-quality scholarship contribute to its relevance and impact within the academic community. Its acceptance rate is currently 10%, according to the MLA Directory of Periodicals.

CBSS Assistant Professor and Assistant Chair for the School of Human Ecology, Beth McGee, Ph.D was selected for the American Society of Interior Designers’ Educator Award.

The Department of World Languages and Cultures’s 20th SouthEast Coastal Conference on Languages and Literatures (SECCLL) ( took place on April 11-12 on the Armstrong Campus.Special thanks to Dr. Jorge Suazo, Emeritus Associate Professor and Executive Director & Founder, Ms. Encarni Cruz Jimenez, Lecturer and Co-Director, the Planning Committee, presenters, attendees, as well as the Office of Continuing and Professional Education, for another successful conference.

CAH’s Dr. O. Amarie (2024). Navigating Challenges: Teaching and Learning Through a Pandemic. In: Puiu, S., Idowu, S.O. (eds) Online Education During COVID-19 and Beyond. CSR, Sustainability, Ethics & Governance. Springer, Cham.

Dr. Paul Tubig from CAH presented “Cognitive Enhancement as Transformative Experience: The Challenge of Wrapping One’s Mind Around Enhanced Cognitive via Neurostimulation,” at the International Neuroethics Society Annual Meeting. He also presented “Are Disenhanced ‘Super’-Soldiers Disabled? The Meaning of Disability and the Ethics of Disenhancement,” at the Southern Worksop on Ethics of Emerging Technologies at the University of Georgia. 

Dr. Jason Slone from CAH presented “Student Loans: Cash or Trash? Making Serious Topics Fun with Role-Playing Games,” with Dr. Krista Petrosino Slone at the SoTL Conference.

CAH’s Dr. Mao Lin received a fellowship from the Henry Lucy Foundation and will participate in the Summer Institute of Modern Southeast Asia hosted by the University of Hawaii. 

Dr. Felicity Turner from CAH presented “Serving her Sentence: Gender and the Segregation of Carceral Space in Nineteenth-Century America” at the Gender and History Colloquium hosted by the Bonn Center for Slavery and Dependency Studies at the University of Bonn, Germany from April 24 to April 27 2024. Her participation in this colloquium was generously funded by the Bonn Center for Slavery and Dependency Studies.  

CAH’s Dr. Kathleen Comerford received the Carl and Lily Pforzheimer Foundation Endowment Fellowship at the Harry Ransom Center (University of Texas) for one month of on-site research on the topic “Wives, Mothers, Rulers: The Medici (Grand) Duchesses, 1537-1637.”

Professor Jeff Schmuki from CAH had two ceramic sculptures selected for inclusion in “MINE: What is Ours in the Wake of Extraction,” an interdisciplinary multimedia exhibition that addresses climate and environmental justice issues by amplifying the voices of Indigenous and underrepresented communities affected by extraction. The sculptures are glazed with lithium mine waste, underscoring mining’s impact on the environment. This exhibition, which draws parallels between different geographic locations experiencing similar extractive impacts, will be showcased at the Exhibition Opening at the University of Delaware from September 4 to December 13, 2024.

CAH’s Dr. Annie S. Mendenhall and Chris Cartright presented “Assessing Student Experiences in First-Year Writing through Student Self-Assessment” on April 5th at the 2024 Conference on College Composition and Communication in Spokane, Washington.

Dr. Drew Swanson from CAH won the North Caroliniana Society Book Prize for A Man of Bad Reputation: The Murder of John Stephens and the Contested Landscape of North Carolina Reconstruction (UNC Press, 2023). The award is given to “the book that captures the essence of North Carolina by contributing powerfully to an understanding of the state.” 

CAH’s Dr. BJ Bae delivered the following invited papers:
Yi, Y., Bae, B., Moon, H., Yoon, J., Lee, S., Bae, S., & Shin, G. (2024, Mar.). AI-powered analysis of depression information preferences: Rhetorical principles on question-and-answer community. International Conference on Technology, Knowledge, and Society, Valencia, Spain.
Bae, B. & Bae, S. (2024, Mar.). Analyzing consumer preferences for diabetes information on a question-and-answer community: An application of a large language model. International Conference on Technology, Knowledge, and Society, Valencia, Spain.

CAH’s Dr. Annie S. Mendenhall received the CCCC Outstanding Book Award at the 2024 Conference on College Composition and Communication in Spokane, Washington.

Professor Abbey Hoekzema from CAH has a short documentary, Seven Acres and a Church, which will screen at the Atlanta Film Festival on Sunday, April 28th at 3:00 PM. Seven Acres and a Church follows a community matriarch’s fight to preserve the oldest Black Baptist Church in North America, her community and history in Savannah, Georgia. Hoekzema is a documentary producer focused on community and Southern stories.


CAH’s Dr. Patrick G. Wheaton recently completed his term as the 2nd Vice President of the Southern States Communication Association, during which he planned the 34th annual Theodore Clevenger Undergraduate Honors conference held in Frisco, Texas on April 5-6, 2024, which featured 52 presentations by 57 undergraduate students from 28 institutions, including 7 students from Georgia Southern. Dr. Wheaton will now serve as SSCA’s 1st Vice President for the coming year and will plan the 95th annual Southern States Communication Association conference to be held in Norfolk, Virginia in April 2025.

School of Nursing Assistant Professor, Nancy Hurlock, DNP, AGPCNP-BC, currently serves as the president of the United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (UAPRN) of Georgia. UAPRN is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving access to healthcare for the citizens of Georgia. Hurlock’s role is instrumental in pushing legislation to support advanced practice registered nurses. 

Department of Health Sciences and Kinesiology Associate Professor, Charles “Hal” Wilson, Jr., Ph.D., has been named the vice chair of the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) Research Committee. The NABC annually awards research grants to encourage basketball-related research and provides positive incentives to basketball coaches to further their profession. In this role, Wilson will assist in promoting the research program to external organizations, review requests for NABC research funds as well as provide support and assistance to the chair.

Dr. Kendra R. Parker from CAH was elected to the Executive Board of the College Language Association as the English Area Representative on Friday, April 12, 2024. Part of her two-year (2024-2026) duties will include crafting the call for papers for the annual convention, reviewing proposals submitted for English-area presentations, organizing individual papers into sessions around the convention theme, and developing the convention program.

Last updated: 5/6/2024