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Bobcat to Eagle Program – B2E

GUS and Bob, B2E

Georgia Southern University and East Georgia State College have developed the Bobcat to Eagle (B2E) program to better serve our students.

Students who enroll in the B2E program get to experience the unique combination of East Georgia State College- Statesboro’s (EGSC-Statesboro) small, personalized academic learning environment and the large university student services and resources of Georgia Southern University (GS), while saving a lot of money.

Program Information

Student playing ping pong with EGSC shirt
  • Cost savings
    Save money by paying EGSC’s tuition rate.
  • Co-enrollment Opportunities
    Enroll in GS ROTC, Marching Band, and more!
  • Personalized Attention
    Experience EGSC’s small class sizes and student-centered faculty!
  • Access
    Experience GS student services and activities such as athletic events, the RAC, Henderson Library, and more!
  • Reverse Transfer
    Earn an extra credential through the reverse transfer process!
  • Credits guaranteed to transfer
    Credits earned at EGSC are guaranteed to transfer to GS.
Ready for What's Next
Student Studying
  1. Apply to EGSC-Statesboro
  2. Submit Required Documents to EGSC
  3. Apply to GS (as a Transient Student)
    • You are NOT required to turn in any additional documentation to GS, only the application.
  1. Complete the FAFSA
    • (EGSC School Code: 010997 *Will come up as the main campus in Swainsboro*)
  2. Complete Orientation Requirements Once Accepted
  • B2E Info Sessions
    • Are you interested in learning more about pathway programs that will help you gain acceptance into Georgia Southern University? Please join us for a virtual event where we discuss the details of our Bobcat to Eagle program with EGSC-Statesboro.
      • Coming Soon!
  • EGSC Events
  • GS Events
  • GS Campus Tours (Savannah, Hinesville, and Statesboro)
Student and music equipment

How do I get my Eagle ID card?

Approximately 72 hours after you are registered for classes at EGSC, you may present your schedule to Eagle Card Services at GS to obtain your Eagle ID card.

Can I join ROTC and/or Southern Pride Marching Band?

Yes! Please email to request more information.

Can I purchase a meal plan?

Yes. You can purchase a meal plan through GS. Please visit the GS website for more information on meal plans.

Do you have on-campus housing?

Our students live in student-centered apartment complexes located around the GS campus. A shuttle is provided to EGSC from Paulson Stadium located on the GS campus. As a convenience for our students, we have compiled a list of options you may view by clicking here.

Do I put EGSC or GS on my FAFSA?

Listing both schools is an option. However, you must make sure that EGSC’s school code is listed and submitted.

EGSC’s school code- 010997- This will come up as the Swainsboro Campus

Can I use my financial aid for rent, purchasing a meal plan, or books?

  • Books: If you have aid left over after tuition and fees are subtracted, you are able to use up to $800 or 75% of the amount left to purchase textbooks. This is called a “book voucher”. The amount used will be deducted from your refund.
  • Rent: The apartment complexes in Statesboro know that many students rely on their financial aid refunds to pay their rent, and the majority of them will work with you to modify payment deadlines to meet financial aid disbursement schedules.
  • Meal Plans: Meal plans are purchased through GS and must be paid for upfront. In other words, you are unable to wait on a financial aid refund before paying for the meal plan.

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Last updated: 2/23/2022