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Office of the Dean


The College of Arts and Humanities (CAH), the College of the Creative Mind, is a pillar of the academic foundation of Georgia Southern University, playing a central role in every student’s core of knowledge. Our primary goal is to shape a dedication to investigation and creativity within arts and humanities through dynamic educational offerings. This commitment involves all members of the college in a fundamental concern for excellence, innovation, and the pursuit of knowledge.

CAH encourages students to address the analytical, historical, cultural, and the philosophical foundations of their disciplines. We prepare students to be vital members of their professional communities. Likewise, we promote participation in civic and public life and remain committed to preparing each of our students to be responsible global citizens.

CAH has a solid reputation as a national contributor to furthering arts and humanities. The support of alumni and friends continues to help us as we maintain Georgia Southern’s commitment to academic distinction. It gives us great delight to welcome new students to our innovative and exciting programs.

Dean’s Office Faculty & Staff

Dr. David Owen, Dean

JT Hughes

Dr. Jolyon T. Hughes, Associate Dean for Faculty, Research, and External Affairs

S. Norton Pease, Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs

Shannon Jeffreys

Dr. Shannon Jeffreys, Assistant Dean of Student Experience

Tina Brookins

Tina Brookins, Executive Assistant to the Dean

El Weeks, Administrative Assistant II

Rachel Martin, Administrative Assistant III

Last updated: 1/8/2024