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The Department of History

Building Careers for the Future on the Foundations of the Past

Historians are the great contextualizers of society. They excavate and study the past, and they give us the context to understand our future better. This, among other reasons, is why history majors are sought-after candidates for a wide variety of professions.

More than dates and events, history gives us a broader view of our world. By understanding how people thought and acted across the ages and around the world, we can better understand the events of today and how we can influence tomorrow. History majors analyze and interpret information, write and share ideas about why events happened, and develop the knowledge and skills that help them to succeed in today’s workplace. They are working in a wide range of fields in companies and institutions around the world.

One Discipline, Multiple Career Options

Our faculty specializes in the study of Southern history, women’s history, military history and more. They are dynamic and engaging teachers and nationally and internationally recognized scholars.

Under their direction, you’ll have the opportunity to take a range of courses to satisfy just about any historical interest. You’ll also get opportunities to work in the field on historical sites with the hands-on experience you’ll need in your career.

Degree Programs

Bachelor Degree

Master’s Degree

Other Programs and Certifications

Diverse Career Paths

A degree in history provides graduates with the opportunity to pursue a diverse array of professions and careers across business, nonprofit, and government sectors.

Renowned Faculty

Our faculty members who guide and teach our undergraduate students are nationally and internationally recognized scholars.

Field Experience

Gain practical, hands-on experience and have the chance to work at historical sites in the field.

What can you do with a History Degree?


Average Salary

Whether your passion leads to teaching, law, management, or archival work, a history degree from Georgia Southern opens doors to many careers. Graduates find success as teachers, attorneys, general managers, and more, with an average salary of $75,428. Employers like the US Army, Gulfstream Aerospace, and GEICO all value the skills you’ll gain. Your focus on history will equip you for impactful roles in various sectors, shaping your future with a rich understanding of the past.