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Fred and Dinah Gretsch School of Music

Immerse Yourself in Music

Music thrives in every note at Georgia Southern’s Fred and Dinah Gretsch School of Music. Here, you’ll find an environment rich in musical diversity, offering a range of undergraduate and graduate programs tailored to aspiring musicians.

Whether your passion lies in performance, composition, or music education, the school’s dedicated faculty will guide you toward artistic excellence. With a vibrant concert life and numerous opportunities for both majors and non-majors, the Gretsch School of Music is your stage to hone your skills, discover your unique voice and resonate with the power of music.

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Discover a Symphony of Academic Opportunities

Find your voice in the world of musical excellence at Georgia Southern University’s Gretsch School of Music. Specialize in areas like composition, performance, music education or music technology. Here, you will develop both your artistic and technical skills, guided by experienced faculty, preparing you for a dynamic musical career or further academic pursuits.

Degree Programs

Diverse Ensembles

The Gretsch School offers a variety of ensembles, ranging from bands, choirs, and orchestras to commercial music, jazz, opera, and chamber ensembles.

Enhanced Experiences

Our programs are designed to broaden your experience by participating as both performers and listeners.

Paid Performances

Perform for hire through the Gretsch School for civic, church, or private functions.

Amplify Your Future


Average Salary

As a music student at Georgia Southern, envision a future where your passion turns into a thriving career. Whether you see yourself conducting a band, teaching music, managing artistic ventures or performing, the opportunities are as varied as music itself. Graduates find success across sectors, from education in school districts like Jefferson County Public Schools to entertainment giants like Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. With an average salary of $69,478, careers like band director, production manager, musician or professor await to transform your musical aspirations into reality.