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Master of Music

vcm_s_kf_m160_160x106The M. M. in Music Technology is an advanced program offering students training in the musical use of cutting edge digital audio tools. Students explore areas from musical signal processing to studio techniques, examining both the technical aspects and the aesthetic consequences of technological advancements in music. While technology plays a major role, music and creativity remain the focus of the Master of Music degree in Music Technology. Students take advantage of elective courses either outside the department (computer science, art, information technology, etc.) or within to tailor the degree. The capstone is a final project developed and produced in consultation with a teacher/mentor.

The admission and course requirements for the 2-year Master of Music degree are listed below. Courses are offered in the evening in order to accommodate working students.

Regular Admission Requirements:

1. A completed bachelor’s degree in music or equivalent.
2. A minimum 3.0 (4.0 scale) cumulative grade point average in undergraduate work.
3. Two letters of recommendation.
4. Statement of Purpose
5. Packet containing examples of your work in Music. Examples of work in Music Technology are particularly helpful.
Course Requirements:

Concentration in Music Technology –  33 Hours

Select three of the following: (9)
MUSC 7530 – Digital Audio Montage (3)
MUSC 7891 – Audiovisual Composition (3)
MUSC 5030G or 7092 – Selected Topics in Music (Music Technology Subject) (3)
MUSC 7533 – Sound Design and Processing (using Supercollider 3)  (3)
MUSC 7534 – Interactive Media (using Max/MSP/Jitter) (3)

Required Courses: (12)
MUSC 7932 – Music Technology Final Project (3)
MUSC 6131 – Music Reference Tools and Resources (3)
MUSC 5233G – Music in the Contemporary Period (3) OR other music history course from the series MUSC 5230G-5236G (3)
MUSC 5630G – Music, Technology, and Contemporary Culture (3)

Electives: (12)
Select 12 hours from any graduate-level music course or other course approved by advisor

All M.M. candidates are required to pass a comprehensive oral examination, covering coursework and their culminating recital or final project.

Last updated: 6/30/2021