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CURIO Student Research Symposium

The Undergraduate Research and Intellectual Opportunities (CURIO) at Georgia Southern University, established in 2008, is a hub for undergraduate students in the College of Arts and Humanities, providing them with unique research and scholarship opportunities. We encourage and support students as they work closely with faculty on research projects, fostering personal growth and academic development.

CURIO’s mission is to empower students to apply their knowledge, develop new skills, and contribute to their academic community through research and creative activities. We believe that these experiences prepare students for future leadership roles and enrich their professional lives.

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Help empower undergraduate students to engage in meaningful research, critical thinking, and create a lifelong passion for intellectual exploration.

Logo Design Competition

Click here to submit your entries for the CURIO Symposium Logo Design Competition by Friday, March 22.

Spring Symposium

The CURIO Symposium will showcase undergraduate research and creative activity undertaken by students in the College of Arts and Humanities. Presentations will be held in Solms Hall on the Armstrong Campus Thursday, April 18, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and in the Interdisciplinary Academic Building (IAB) on the Statesboro Campus Wednesday, April 17, from 5:30 to 9 p.m.

Direct any questions or concerns to Dr. Julia Griffin.

CURIO Application

Submission Deadlines

Submission Deadline: Friday, March 1

Presentation Schedule: TBD

To be considered, students submitted a 250 word abstract for a project worked on or completed anytime during 2023 or in Spring 2024. Applicants may choose to present at only one or at both campuses. A CAH faculty mentor must approve the proposal and assist the student in preparing for the symposium. All CAH undergraduates working in any CAH discipline are eligible for cash awards if enrolled in 2023 or 2024. Faculty may submit applications on student’s behalf.

A panel of judges will review every presentation in each category and select a winner and finalists for each category. Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners at the conclusion of the judging process.

Submission Information

The office for Undergraduate Research & Intellectual Opportunities (or CURIO) is pleased to host an evening highlighting the best research and creative endeavors of the college’s students at the CURIO Symposium to be held in Spring 2024. We welcome submissions from currently enrolled undergraduate students from all major and minor areas of study in the College of Arts and Humanities. Projects completed during anytime during 2023 or spring 2024 are welcome. Interdisciplinary projects from those semesters may also be submitted.

Application Requirements

To apply for the Symposium, students should:

  • Submit a 250-word abstract describing the scholarly or creative activity and the presentation, paper, performance, or poster that will be utilized to showcase their research or creative endeavor.
    • The abstracts should explain how the project represents original student work.
    • The application also requires the listing of a faculty mentor with whom the student worked with on the project. The faculty mentor should help students prepare to deliver their presentation by providing both advice and feedback on their material and physical presentation.

This year, faculty mentors may also submit an application on behalf of students who wish to participate in the Symposium. The abstract should describe the student’s research or creative endeavor in detail and explain how the project, paper, performance, or poster represents original student work. Please limit these to 250 words.

Application Deadlines

Applications will be accepted until Friday, March 1. Click here for the submission form. If you have any questions, email Julia Griffin at or Cathy Skidmore-Hess at

Selected Projects

Projects selected for the Symposium program will take the form of 10-15 minute presentations, readings, or performances. Students presenting posters will be allotted time to discuss their work. If selected to participate, students must be physically present at the Symposium to comment on their research, presentation, performance, or poster and to respond to questions from the audience. Selected papers, projects, performances, and posters need be in final draft format or ready to be performed by April 1.

Outstanding presentations, performances, and posters in the humanities, fine arts, and social sciences, as determined by judges, will be recognized at the Symposium with a monetary award and the student’s name on the website.

CURIO Award Winners


The Office for CAH Undergraduate Research and Intellectual Opportunities (CURIO) at Georgia Southern University, established in 2008, is dedicated to expanding the horizons of undergraduate students by providing them with the opportunity to engage in research and mentored scholarship within the College of Arts and Humanities. Our mission is to foster a culture of undergraduate research, where students work closely with faculty to design and implement projects that embody research, scholarship, and creativity. Through this collaborative process, students gain new skills, connect with like-minded peers, and deepen their ties to both the university and the wider academic community. CURIO celebrates diversity and welcomes contributions from all members of our innovative and creative undergraduate community, striving to make undergraduate research a defining feature of each student’s educational journey. We are committed to empowering students to become enlightened citizens and leaders, ensuring that their undergraduate research experiences become a cornerstone of their professional lives.

Committee Members

2024 Committee Chairs

  • Dr. Julia Griffin, Co-Chair, Statesboro, Literature
  • Dr. Cathy Skidmore-Hess, Co-Chair, Statesboro, History

CURIO Committee

  • Dr. Miguel Garcia, World Languages & Cultures
  • Dr. Allison Scardino Belzer, History
  • Dr. Martin Gendelman, Music
  • Dr. Daniel Larkin, Philosophy & Religious Studies
  • Dr. Missy Plew, Communication Arts
  • Dr. Morgan Rempel, Philosophy & Religious Studies
  • Prof. Casey Schachner, Art
  • Prof. Laura Valeri, Writing & Linguistics

Have Questions? Contact Us.

P.O. Box 8142
Foy Building, Room 3007
Statesboro, GA 30460-8142
Julia Griffin:
Cathy Skidmore-Hess:
Laura Valeri:

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