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Gerontology Interdisciplinary Minor

The Gerontology Interdisciplinary minor focuses on the impacts of age on society and the impacts of age on the psychological, physical, social and economic experiences of individuals. A minor in gerontology complements any discipline by providing students with expertise in the aging experience relative to their major area of study. 

Students with minors in gerontology can work in a variety of positions:

  • State Government or the nonprofit sector
  • As geriatric social workers, a geriatric nurses, geriatric physical or occupational therapists or many other health professions focusing on later life
  • Design and implement recreational programs for older adults
  • Work in public health designing and implementing prevention programs for older adults
  • Work in senior housing or a senior living community
  • Assist with retirement planning, marketing to older adults or many other business positions focusing on later life

Last updated: 7/29/2022