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The Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology

Shaping Future Leaders in Law, Victim Advocacy and Cybersecurity

At Georgia Southern University, the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology is a journey into the heart of justice and cybercrime. Here, you’ll dive into an educational adventure that balances theory with real-world application. Enroll in degree programs where you’ll explore the intricate workings of the criminal justice system, grapple with the complexities of crime and law, and unravel the digital threads of cybercrime. With award-winning faculty as your guides, you’ll transform into a proficient writer, a sharp thinker, and an articulate communicator, ready to excel in various careers within the justice realm or further academic pursuits.

Explore Justice and Cybercrime Studies at Georgia Southern

Step into a realm of learning where justice and digital security converge. Participate in programs that shape you into a justice expert, ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

Degree Programs

Prepared for Success

Learn from award-winning faculty and become prepared for either graduate school, law school, or professions within the criminal justice system.

#2 Ranked Program

Our program has been ranked #2 in the U.S., with programs offered both online and in-person.

Justice Studies Club

Open to students in the program, the Justice Studies Club is an opportunity for anyone pursuing criminal justice or criminology to network with peers.

A Wide Range of Careers Await Criminal Justice Graduates


Average Salary

Imagine advocating justice as an attorney or guiding change as a police officer. With Georgia Southern’s comprehensive training, these roles are within your reach. Major employers like the State of Georgia, GBI, US Army, ADP, Bank of America, and the FBI are looking for professionals like you with average salaries at $70,320. Your journey in criminal justice and criminology opens doors to influential positions promising a future where you can make a real difference.