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Jacob Erickson – Assistant Professor

Statesboro Campus

Office: Carroll Building – Room 1089

Phone: (912) 478-


Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Jacob H. Erickson is Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology at Georgia Southern
University. His research focus is on deviant identity and decision-making processes, specifically
concerning drugs and violent crime. He has published both quantitative and qualitative articles in
journals such as Justice Quarterly, American Journal of Criminal Justice, Youth Violence and Juvenile
Justice, and Journal of Interpersonal Violence.


Ph.D., Sociology (2020) Iowa State University

M.A., Sociology (2016) Wichita State University

B.A., General Studies (2014) Wichita State University

Teaching Interests

Violent Offenders, Youth and Crime, Deviant and Criminal Behavior, Introduction to Criminal Justice, Homicide, Criminology, Drugs and Crime, Research Methods


Refereed Publications

Jacob H. Erickson and Kyle Burgason “The Influence of Structural Characteristics and Street Codes on Violent Female Offenders” (In Press) at Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

Kyle Burgason, Matt DeLisi, Mark H. Heirigs, Abdi Kusow Jacob H. Erickson and Michael Vaughn. 2020. “The Code of the Street Fights Back! Significant Associations with Arrest, Delinquency, and Violence Withstand Psychological Confounds.” International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 17(7):2432.

Jacob H. Erickson, Andy Hochstetler and Heith Copes. (In Press) “Meth Cooking as a Job: Identity and Dirty Work” Justice Quarterly.

Jacob H. Erickson, Andy Hochstetler and Shawn F. Dorius. 2020. “Code in Transition? The Evolution of Code of the Street Adherence in Adolescence.” Deviant Behavior 41(3):329-347.

Matt DeLisi, Ramate Bunga, Mark H. Heirigs, Jacob H. Erickson, and Andy Hochstetler. 2019. “The Past is Prologue: Criminal Specialization Continuity in the Delinquent Career.” Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice 17(4):335-353.

Book Reviews

Jacob H. Erickson and Andy Hochstetler. 2017. “Narrative Criminology: Understanding Stories of Crime.” International Criminal Justice Review 27(3):225-226.

Works Under Review

Jacob H. Erickson and Jennifer Pearson. “Excluding Whom? Race, Gender and Suspension in High School” Under Review at Sociological Inquiry

Manuscripts in Progress

Jacob H. Erickson, Andy Hochstetler and Heith Copes “(Positive) Deviant Identities: An Expansion of Symbolic Boundary Work and Criminal Identity”

Jacob H. Erickson “Suspended and on Track (to Drop Out)? Examining the Effect of In-School and Out-of-School Suspension on Dropping Out”

Jacob H. Erickson “Predicting Delinquency in High School: A Gender Specific Examination of the Elements of Hirschi’s Social Bond”

Jacob H. Erickson and Mark H. Heirigs “Strain or Self-Control? Dueling Theories of Crime among Institutionalized Youth”

Jacob H. Erickson “Psychological Factors Predicting Adolescent Drug Use in an Institutionalized Sample”

Awards & Honors

2020 – Research Excellence Award, University Award ($500)

2019 – Research Excellence Award, University Award ($500)

2018 – Extra Yard for Teachers Honor

2018 – Sociology Department Achievement Fund Award ($500)

Last updated: 12/15/2023