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Department of Psychology

Shaping Minds and Careers in Psychology

Georgia Southern University’s Department of Psychology offers an engaging educational experience in psychology. With a bachelor’s degree, you can delve into various aspects of psychology and prepare for diverse career opportunities or advanced studies. The master’s programs in behavior analysis and experimental psychology, unique within the Southeast Georgia region, equip students with practical skills and knowledge for specialized careers in healthcare, education, business, and research. These programs emphasize research, hands-on learning, a deep understanding of psychological principles and procedures, and cater to those aiming for professional advancement in psychology-related fields.

Focus Your Studies in Psychology at Georgia Southern University

Majors in Psychology will work to improve their understanding of research within the field and apply that knowledge to practical applications and experiences. You can expect a wide variety of specializations in our department, and we encourage all students to explore what inspires them to pursue a career in studying the mind and mental health.

Degree Programs

Psychology Student Groups

Student organizations are available at either campus for anyone with an interest in psychology as well as an international honors society.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum is specifically designed to equip students with the breadth and depth of the field of psychology.

Faculty Collaboration

Students have the opportunity to work directly with faculty, including assisting with conducting field-leading research, service learning, and practicum and internship experiences.

Nurturing Minds and Careers


Average Salary

With a degree in Psychology from Georgia Southern, you can pursue various career options, including School Psychologist, Therapist, and Licensed Professional Counselor, with salaries averaging $70,320. Our graduates find fulfilling roles at a wide range of employers, including the State of Georgia, the US Army, and leading healthcare institutions like Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.