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Department of Public and Nonprofit Studies

Explore Georgia Southern’s Public Administration Programs

Georgia Southern University’s Department of Public and Nonprofit Studies offers an enriching educational journey. Undergraduate options include minors in key areas like public administration, public policy and nonprofit management. For graduate studies, an acclaimed, NASPAA-accredited program provides in-depth training in management and administration, available in fully online, on-campus and hybrid formats. These programs emphasize practical application and theoretical knowledge, preparing you for impactful roles in government and nonprofit organizations, with hands-on experiences to shape your future in public service.

Advancing Excellence Through Public and Nonprofit Administration

Explore a range of academic paths in public administration, public policy, and nonprofit management at Georgia Southern’s Department of Public and Nonprofit Studies. Tailor your journey with various minors and a prestigious MPA program.

Degree Programs

Service Learning Options

You’ll have the option to explore service learning opportunities, practicum, and associations with a variety of governmental and nonprofit organizations in the community.

Accredited Masters Program

Our Master of Public Administration (MPA) program is NASPAA accredited while the department is a member of the NACC.

Career Paths with a degree in Public and Nonprofit Administration


Average Salary

With a degree from Georgia Southern, you’re set for success with an average salary of $81,351. Top employers such as the State of Georgia, the US Army, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Bulloch County, Georgia, Augusta University and the American Red Cross could be in your future. As an Account Manager, Development and Public Relations Director, Executive Director, or Communications Director, you’ll have the opportunity to excel in dynamic roles and make a lasting impact in your field.

Graduate Degrees for Professional Public Service. MPA
NASPAA Accredited. The Commission on Peer Review and Accreditation.