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Local Government Practicum Program

Local Government Practicum (PBAD 7731)

The Local Government Practicum (LGP) is offered through a partnership with the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) and the Department of Public and Nonprofit Studies. The LGP is intended to offer students experience conducting research and policy analysis for local government. Projects are proposed by municipalities within the southeastern region of Georgia and students are allowed to choose projects aligned with their interests. Students work individually, or in pairs on larger projects, under the direction of the course instructor. This course expands research skills, enriches understanding of local government policy processes, and exposes participants to issues they are likely to face when employed in a professional government position. The LGP also provides excellent networking opportunities with a broad range of government officials.

We have the ability to request that GMA seek specific types of project proposals to match student desires given adequate lead time to honor the request. There are a number of programs whose students could benefit from the LGP experience since students from all types of background eventually seek employment in government, such as history, sociology, accounting, business administration, marketing, economics, public health, criminal justice, art, and music.

The LGP is offered during the summer (long term) and fall semesters with project presentations given at a special event held during the last week of classes in the fall.

Project proposals received are very diverse, making it easier to tailor the experience to the student’s interests. Examples of some of the projects proposed over the last three years include:

  • Design of a stormwater public education and outreach program
  • Research impact of new FEMA regulations on owners of historic structures
  • GIS mapping of city water system
  • Risk assessment studies
  • Evaluation of city revenue structure and potential new revenue sources
  • Feasibility study for curbside recycling program (multiple cities)
  • Downtown revitalization studies and plans (multiple cities)
  • Citizen satisfaction surveys (multiple cities)
  • Department efficiency/performance evaluations
  • Public financing options for downtown master plan implementation
  • Cost benefit analyses (various types, multiple cities)
  • Department and systems evaluations (various types, multiple cities)
  • Grant applications (multiple cities)
  • Market and feasibility studies (various types, multiple cities)
  • Review of city policies and procedures and charter updates (multiple cities)
  • Website redesign and development
  • Salary study and review of job descriptions

Please direct specific questions regarding the LGP to Dr. Cary Christian at or (912) 478-1400.

Last updated: 12/1/2023