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Electrical & Computer Engineering

Hands-on Innovation

At Georgia Southern, your journey in Electrical and Computer Engineering extends beyond academics; it’s a gateway to innovation and real-world problem-solving. You’ll experience a blend of practical skills and in-depth theoretical learning across areas like robotics, digital communications, electronics, embedded systems, computer system architecture and power systems. Immerse yourself in rigorous study, hands-on projects, and research, preparing you to become an industry-ready professional. As a graduate, you’ll be ready to excel in dynamic fields such as cybersecurity, microgrids, and aerospace, leading the way in technological advancements.

A Spectrum of Engineering Programs

You can explore Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Southern University or even double major in both. Your education blends innovation with rigorous academics, from undergraduate courses to an accelerated Bachelor’s-to-Master’s track. This mix of academic rigor and hands-on learning equips you with practical skills and problem-solving abilities, preparing you for the dynamic engineering world.

Degree Programs


  • PhD in Engineering with a Concentration in Electrical Engineering (Starting Fall 2024)

Expert Guidance

Learn from highly qualified faculty who possess real-world knowledge about what it takes to become an electrical or computer engineer.

Empowered Education

Pursue your degree with support from a world-class leader in student-centric experiential learning.

Club Connections

Connect with fellow engineering students in groups like IEEE, Robotics Club, NSBE, and SWE.

Power Up Your Career

$83,109 to $112,970

Average Salary

Georgia Southern offers degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering, providing a wide range of career options. Graduates become Electrical and Computer Engineers, Software Developers, and more, earning an average salary of $83,109 to $112,970. Companies like Gulfstream Aerospace, Georgia Power, Tesla, Google, IBM, Lockheed Martin, and Microsoft seek our alumni.

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Why study Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Southern?

Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Southern prides itself on being applied, attentive, and accomplished. As electrical or computer engineers, we do more than just study theory. You will begin your first semester with hands-on experience in a studio or laboratory environment. Whether it is a fundamental lecture or a one-on-one research experience, upon completion you will feel confident in your abilities to help solve the engineering problems of the world.

Please take a few moments to review our curriculum and read more about us and the learning environment that we will provide for you. This is truly an exciting period at Georgia Southern as we continue to develop innovative ways to elevate electrical and computer engineering education to new heights.

If you should have any further questions, I invite you to call or email me personally. If you are not already here, I hope to see you on campus next semester.

Dr. Rami Haddad
Professor and Department Interim Chair
Electrical and Computer Engineering

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