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IT Internships & Jobs

Internship Requirements

Many programs include an on-site or face-to-face requirement as an essential element of a course or program. As appropriate, precautions will be made to allow for social distancing, reduced population density within workspaces, provision of personal protective equipment, and other efforts to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19. Where the on-site or face-to-face field experience is essential to the course or program, the expectation is that students will report to their placement.

Undergraduate students with questions regarding their field experiences should first reach out to their internship coordinator and graduate students should contact their program director.

Students seeking accommodation due to a medical condition or disability should engage in the disability accommodation process through the Student Accessibility Resource Center. Additional information can be found on their webpage:  On-site or face-to-face experiences cannot generally be substituted for remote experiences as long as placement sites remain open and available to students. However, other accommodations may be available to assist students in successfully completing their field experiences.

Student employees (including teaching assistants, lab assistants, and graduate assistants) seeking an accommodation related to their employment should engage in the disability accommodation process through Human Resources. To request an employment accommodation, student employees should complete the following form and submit it to Human Resources:

The policies, processes, and forms referenced above are subject to change as needed in response to USG and public health guidance.

What You Need to Know

When should you complete the internship requirement?

Before you graduate! Typically you will need to have completed the following six courses. However, each internship requires different skills, so it depends.

  • IT 1130
  • IT 1430
  • IT 2333
  • IT 2430
  • IT 3231
  • IT 3233

Please note, IT4790 is a 3 hour for-credit course with standard tuition and fees

How do you obtain an internship?

  1. Contact your Career Development Specialist at the Office of Career & Professional Development:
    • Work on your resume
    • Use Handshake to post your resume and search for internships
    • Apply for internships
  2. Look at the posted internships in the Internships or Part-time Jobs section and contact us if you are interested

How to get registered for the internship class?

Once you have an internship position*, then you need to:

*You may want to contact the instructor to confirm that the internship meets IT4790 requirements.

What is required?

  • Submit a weekly work log
    • Work a minimum 15 hours per week on average for fall and spring(20 for summer)
  • Maintain documentation of work you perform (receive permission of employer)
    • Samples of work product
    • Screenshots
    • Copies of web pages, databases, code, etc.
  • Submit a final report when the internship is completed.

How are you evaluated?

You are evaluated by the employer (midterm & final evaluation). You are also evaluated by the IT4790 instructor.

Internship Forms and Resources

IT Internship Contact Information

All IT students must obtain approval for internships from the instructor.

IT Jobs

Jobs for IT Grads

Corporate Career Sites

Internship for IT Students

Last updated: 2/6/2024