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Co-ops and Internships

The experiential learning opportunities provided by co-operative programs and internships focus on practical, hands-on education of our students.


Students alternate terms of full-time classroom study with terms of full-time, discipline-related employment. Typically, students will work at least two terms, thus gaining a year or more of work experience before graduation. The College of Engineering and Computing recommends that its students enter a co-op program after the completion of their sophomore year. The co-op experience is an extension of the classroom, providing for the application of knowledge gained in the classroom.

Each co-op has a defined beginning and end, and a job description with desired qualifications. Clearly defined learning objectives and goals are set at the beginning of the co-op, and may be updated as the student progresses. Employers will provide professional supervision for the student. The supervisor will provide and receive regular feedback to/from the College’s Director of Industrial Relations.

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Internships integrate knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting. The expectations and requirements for students and employers are the same as for a co-op experience; the difference is that an internship is generally offered to each student intern for only one semester of work.

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Employer Agreements

The Director of Industrial Relations and the employer will draft a formal Co-op Agreement describing the student’s and employer’s responsibilities. In addition, evaluation forms will be provided for periodic review by the student’s work supervisor and the Director.  If an employer wishes to hire their co-op student, the student may not begin employment before graduating from Georgia Southern University.

Additional Resources
Georgia Southern Office of Career & Professional Development

The Georgia Southern Office of Career & Professional Development is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the nonacademic credit activities associated with “experiential learning opportunities” (co-ops and internships) for our students and employers.

Internships and co-ops offer companies an exceptional opportunity to meet their growing workforce needs by recruiting and training talented, intelligent Georgia Southern students.  The Office of CPD offers a toolkit that guides corporate employers from identifying your needs through the final evaluation process.

The Office of Career and Professional Development  offers co-op students a seminar taught through distance learning to develop their professionalism and workplace intelligence. Modules address using self-management and interpersonal skills to work successfully in a team environment, managing change positively, team leadership, organizational awareness, self-confidence, achievement, drive and leadership. This particular program continues to set the Georgia Southern student and their co-op experience apart from other institutions of higher learning.

For more information about career services for the College of Engineering & Computing, contact:

Tonira Evans
Career and Internship Advisor
Office of Career and Professional Development
Georgia Southern University
Phone: 912-478-5197


Handshake  is a web portal that connects employers with Georgia Southern students and alumni seeking internships, co-op’s and full-time jobs. Employers can post open positions, register for career fairs, schedule interviews and information sessions,  and receive customized resume collections. Employers must register to access the Handshake portal.

Career and Professional Development for Students

Career and Professional Development provides a wealth of information and guidance for students seeking co-ops, internships or full-time employment. Handshake is a great starting point. It features hundreds of opportunities at any moment from employers who want to consider Georgia Southern University students and alumni. With Handshake t you can create a resume, search for local and national job opportunities, review upcoming career fairs, have your resume sent to employers and make an appointment to receive more help with your job search.

B.S. in Construction Work Requirement

The Bachelor of Science in Construction requires an approved work experience of 400 hours in the construction industry prior to graduation.

Last updated: 1/3/2024