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Who is advised in the COE Advisement Center?

  • Undergraduates who are seeking initial level 4 certification are advised by the COE Advisement Center’s staff.
  • Graduate students are NOT advised in the COE Advisement Center.. If a person already holds a level 4 certificate or higher and is interested in add-on certification or is in a graduate degree program (MAT, M.Ed., Ed.S. or Ed.D.), he/she is advised by graduate advisors in the Graduate Academic Services Center.or by faculty in the appropriate department.
  • The College offers the Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) and certificate programs for individuals who already have a bachelor’s degree but are not certified to teach. A person who has a college degree but is not certified to teach should contact the Graduate Academic Services Center for a transcript(s) evaluation.

How to Schedule an Appointment with the Education Advisement Center through Grades First

NOTE: Please do not drop by advisors’ office. The preferred form of contact is through email.

  • To schedule an appointment:
    • Log on to your MyGeorgiaSouthern account
    • Click on the “Make an Advisement Appointment” under the Advisement Resources tab
    • Click on “Get Advising”
    • Follow prompts to schedule your appointment with your advisor.

Need help? Contact the COE Advisement Center on the Statesboro Campus at 912-478-0698 or the Academic Advising and Support office on the Armstrong Campus at 912-344-2570.

Last updated: 5/31/2023