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Clinical Supervisor

Clinical Supervisor and University Supervisor Interaction

The classroom teacher who hosts a Georgia Southern teacher candidate is referred to as Clinical Supervisor. The Georgia Southern faculty member who monitors the teacher candidate’s participation is referred to as University Supervisor. Clinical Supervisors must have reviewed the application process (PDF) and completed the online application form for that position and been approved by their building administrator and the appropriate education program.

Consistent interaction between these two roles is a critical ingredient in the development and evaluation of the Georgia Southern teacher candidate. Clear expectations for this interaction should be established from the outset of the experience. (see clinical handbook PDF)

Clinical Supervisor and Student Interaction

Interaction between the Clinical Supervisor and the Georgia Southern teacher candidate is a significant contribution in the candidate’s development. Expectations for interaction will be delineated by the University Supervisor for the Clinical Supervisor and Georgia Southern University teacher candidate.

Placement Overlaps

Clinical Supervisors may host teacher candidates from more than one Georgia Southern course (with the exception of student teaching) during a term. To place students from more than one course in a classroom requires approval of the school contact person and Clinical Supervisor.

Clinical Supervisor Forms

Last updated: 3/18/2022