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Background Check

Georgia State Law requires that teachers undergo a criminal background check prior to employment.  The College of Education at Georgia Southern University operates in accordance with the law and in response to the desire of school systems to have criminal background checks on teacher candidates participating in field experiences in schools. For purposes of Georgia Southern University, every student identified below must complete a criminal background check through

  • Students registered for Pre-Professional Block Practicum.  Students will be informed of the background check requirement for PPB during advisement the semester prior to enrollment in PPB.  Students may begin the background check at that time, but not later than the first Friday of classes during the semester enrolled in PPB. Any exceptions to this deadline due to financial aid distribution must be approved by the PPB Coordinator via email.

Background Check Fees:

  • Initial Background Check – $33.00 (out-of-state residents will have on additional county check completed at an additional $13.50 fee) – package code GE00
  • Recheck – $15.00 – package code GE00R          

Complete the following steps for a criminal background check:

  1. Go to and click on Place Order.
  2. In the package code box, enter the Georgia Southern package code GE00 or GE00R
  3. Select a method of payment.
  4. Complete the background check on-line by the first Friday of classes.
  5. Complete the CastleBranch release form by providing a digital signature.
  6. As part of the process, you will also be required to sign the Criminal Background Check Disclosure Form. This form will be signed during PPB orientation or as part of the student teaching application process.  The form will allow the PPB Coordinator in the Office of Undergraduate Teacher Education to review the results of the background check.

The PPB Coordinator will notify the student of a negative finding and may request a meeting to discuss the situation and the impact it could have on field placements.  The background check information will be shared with any school system which is asked to host a field experience for the student.  The decision to accept the student for field placement will be at the sole discretion of the school.  The PPB Coordinator will make up to three attempts to identify a school willing to host the student with negative findings for a field experience.  Please be aware if a criminal background check (or recheck) shows that you have a felony charge that is pending, you must resolve it prior to receiving a field placement.

Last updated: 6/4/2021