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Prospective Students

Earn an M.Ed., Ed.S., or Ed.D. degree your way through the online, hybrid or on-campus graduate programs through the College of Education. To view a full list of offerings visit the Degree Programs page. For more information contact

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of tuition?

You can find information about Tuition and Fees at to estimate the cost of tuition.

NOTE: Tuition and Fees are constantly changing. Actual costs will be determined when you register for classes each semester. Please check the Tuition and Fees website for the most up to date information.

What is the deadline for my application?

Deadlines vary by program. Please visit for information.

What is Georgia Southern’s school code for the GACE?

The code for the GACE is 417.

What is the statement of purpose?

The Statement of Purpose is a personal narrative addressing your academic and professional goals and why you are seeking instruction in your chosen graduate program. The narrative should include a description of your expectations of the program.

What type of financial aid is available for graduate students?

There are some scholarships offered through the College of Education. More information on these can be found on the Graduate Student Scholarships page. Check with the Office of Financial Aid for complete financial aid information including loans, grants, and scholarships.

Graduate Assistantships are also available. For more information visit:

What steps do I need to take to apply for admission?

  1. Complete and submit the online application found at the Office of Graduate Admissions website and submit the $50.00 application fee (non-refundable). Applications will not be processed until the application fee is received.
  2. Submit transcripts from all institutions previously attended.
  3. Submit other documents as required by the program to which you are applying as listed on the application.

Can I appeal an admission decision?

Yes; for more information visit the Office of Graduate Admissions

I cannot attend this semester, how do I update my application?

You have the option to defer one time if you have not already done so. The deferral policy is as follows: Applicants are only allowed one (1) update per application. (If the applicant is not able to matriculate for the updated term, the applicant will be required to submit a new application and application fee if they wish to move forward.)

  • Applicants must defer within the first two (2) weeks of classes for the term in which they have selected on the original application.
  • Applications can only be updated up to 3 semesters from the original term in which they applied. (For example, if the original application is for Fall 2023, the latest defer term to update would be Fall 2024.)
  • Applications can only be deferred to a term in which the program admits.
  • To defer admission, log in to your application portal ( and click “Deferral Form” on the status page.

    If you are registered for classes, it is your responsibility to complete the Voluntary Cancellation/Withdrawal form (

    I was a student but took time off. What do I need to do to re-enter my program of study?

    A student who does not enroll for three or more consecutive semesters must re-apply to (and be accepted into) a graduate program before being considered for re-entry.

    Where do I send transcripts and other admission documents?

    Georgia Southern University
    Office of Graduate Admissions
    P.O. Box 8113
    Statesboro, GA 30460

    Or, electronically to:

    How can I have courses transferred?

    Generally, you can request that your program review your prior transcripts after you have been admitted into a program. A maximum of nine (9) transferred semester hours may be applied toward a graduate degree with program approval. Courses are valid for up to 7 years. To view the entire transfer credit policy, utilize the current graduate catalog at and search “transfer credit.”

    What is the Package Code for

    The Georgia Southern Package Code is ge00 for the first background check.

    If a recheck is required, the code is ge00r.

    How long are background checks good for?

    They are good for two (2) years, UNLESS you enter into a structured practicum or internship. If the internship/practicum falls within two (2) years, a recheck is required through prior to beginning the field experience. You will be notified by your advisor or practicum/internship instructor of the recheck requirement. If a recheck is required, the code is ge00r.

    Can I have my company fill out the Employment Background Check Verification Form?

    No. If your prospective program requires the background check as an application requirement, you must submit to a criminal background check through

    Can I fax my Employment Background Check Verification Form?

    No. If your prospective program requires the background check as an application requirement, you must submit to a criminal background check through

    How long does it take for my background check to be complete?

    Results are normally returned within 3-5 business days. Turnaround time will vary based on the specific items in your order. You can keep up to date on your background check status through your CastleBranch account at

    If you notice that your background check is taking longer to process, log into your CertifiedProfile account at to be sure you do not have any outstanding items to complete.

    How are classes offered?

    A number of graduate-level programs and courses are offered online. See the College of Education’s Degrees & Programs webpage for links to fully online program information.

    Do you offer online courses?

    Almost all programs have online course offerings. As course offerings change each semester, utilize the Course Search tool to verify when your courses are offered.

    To see a list of programs offered fully online, visit: Online options will be designated after the program title.

    Is my application complete?

    You can check your application status online at

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