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Success Stories

Eagle Academy

EAGLE Academy is is a certified comprehensive transition program (CTP) for highly motivated young adults whose disability is characterized by limitations in both intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior. EAGLE Academy students typically received special education services while in high school, graduating with either a regular diploma or a special diploma.  As a CTP, our students can apply for federal financial aid. EAGLE Academy Inclusive Post-secondary Education Program is a two-year certificate program of study which teaches independent living and career skills and empowers students to achieve Equal Access to Gainful Learning and Employment (EAGLE). Along with peer mentors from across the university, EAGLE students participate in internships in the community as a primary way to develop career skills.

In addition to collaborating with schools across the state to share this opportunity with students and families who did not envision an college experience, EAGLE Academy faculty have developed internships with local businesses such as the Bulloch County Nutrition Office and One Boro, the Statesboro Diversity and Inclusion Commission. Beginning in their third semester, EAGLE Academy students are placed in businesses within the community to start their transition to full-time employment in an area of their interest.

Professional Development Schools

Professional development schools differ from traditional field placements in that a Georgia Southern faculty member is assigned to the school to provide professional development, participate in the development of school improvement plans, and often provide on-site classes for University students. Georgia Southern College of Education currently collaborates with Savannah-Chatham and Bryan County school systems operate two professional development schools.

This partnership helps to improve teacher preparation, utilize faculty expertise to enhance professional development for P-12 teachers, and emphasize a shared research focus to improve P-16 student achievement. School system collaborators provide office and classroom space, field placements for students and agree to include teacher candidates in district-level educator development opportunities.

Professional development schools provide Georgia Southern teacher candidates a year-long field placement and fully integrates them into the school system’s teacher development program.  Georgia Southern students not only experience all of the affordances and constraints of being a teacher, they actively participate in decision-making at the school level and often engage in classroom research. As a benefit to partnering schools, Georgia Southern graduates often remain in the school, which is a great need in this time of teacher shortages. The College of Education has expanded its professional development school footprint with an additional school in Savannah-Chatham and two schools in Bulloch County.

Middle Grade students

Last updated: 3/28/2023