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Simultaneous Membership Program

The Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) allows Soldiers to serve in the Army Reserve or National Guard and participate in ROTC while in college, giving Soldiers the opportunity to gain additional experience and training. They receive their regular National Guard or Reserve benefits while also receiving ROTC stipends.

Cadets wanting to take advantage of the many benefits can join the National Guard or Reserve before or during their freshman and sophomore years. These Cadets will generally miss one semester of school while attending Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training (AIT). Once contracted, SMP Cadets are considered non-deployable during their time in ROTC.

Thanks to our strong relationship with the Georgia Army National Guard, the Eagle Battalion has it’s own National Guard Detachment. This means that our National Guard Cadets no longer have to travel all over the state on drill weekends. They drill right here in Statesboro, unless on a ROTC FTX. Their training is focused on what they are learning in ROTC and will experience at Advanced Camp. The Detachment is under the leadership of 1LT Lucas Hynes (Detachment Commander) and SFC Kevin Hoffman (Detachment 1SG).

Prospective SMP Cadets should contact SSG Shakirea Phillips at 229-603-0847.

Scholarship Opportunities:
Scholarship opportunities are available to those SMP Cadets who would like to commission into the Army National Guard or Army Reserve rather than Active Duty. These scholarships can be used for either Room & Board OR Tuition & Fees. Cadets will also receive a $1200 annual book allowance, and ROTC monthly stipend of $420, GI Bill, and SMP Kicker.

Recipients must also have completed Basic Training and AIT, have at least 30 credit hours (unless receiving the 4YR Minuteman Scholarship), and meet the academic and physical standards.

Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty Scholarship (GRFD) 2, 3, and 4YR National Guard Minuteman Scholarship

Last updated: 4/2/2024