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Student Experience

The Office of Student Experience works to enhance every aspect of a student’s journey, from prospective inquiry to alumni status.  This office is dedicated to ensuring a seamless, engaging, and supportive campus environment for students, parents, and families.  Its functions span across all areas of the student journey.

Where we work.

  • Recruitment: Supporting efforts to attract and retain students through strategic marketing.
  • Admission: Ensuring prospective students have access to streamlined admissions processes.
  • Enrollment and Progression: Improving course scheduling and availability.
  • Growth, Belonging, and Campus Life: Listening and responding to students’ personal, academic, and professional needs.
  • Retention and Completion: Developing student support teams and pathways for student success.
  • Alumni Engagement and Career Success: Fostering a professional network to help students succeed beyond graduation.

What we do.

  • Enhancement of the Student Life Cycle: Provide oversight of the entire student life cycle, focusing on improving the student experience from initial campus arrival to graduation, and extending support to include the student’s broader support network.
  • Policy and Program Development: Advocacy for and implementation of policies and programs that accommodate all student needs.
  • Cross-Departmental Coordination: Serving as a liaison for initiatives that span across various departments, such as housing and academic units, to foster a unified campus experience.
  • Streamlining Services and Communications: Development of centralized information portals.  Leading efforts to innovate processes and reduce bureaucratic obstacles, ensuring that students have easy access to essential services and information.
  • Developing a Culture of Service: Commitment to a unified, engaging, and supportive campus culture that addresses the holistic needs of students, encourages their success, and positively impacts their overall satisfaction and retention.

Scott Taylor
Assistant Vice President
Student Experience

Paul Reaves
Manager of Technology and Training
Student Experience

Office of the Assistant Vice President
of Student Experience

PO Box 8063
Statesboro, GA 30460
Phone: 912-478-5256
Fax: 912-478-0694

Last updated: 3/25/2024