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Transfer Students

How to Apply as an Incoming Transfer Student

To apply for admission to the Honors College as an incoming transfer student, students should complete the Honors College application tab on the Georgia Southern University Application for Admission.  On that form, you will be asked to share information about your extra-curricular involvement as well as work experience, write a brief essay, and identify the number of college courses you have taken. You must answer “Yes” to the question about your interest in applying to the Honors College for us to review your application.

We encourage students to complete this form while completing the application for admission but it is possible to complete the rest of the application and complete a separate Honors College application (with the same questions) at a later date.  Instructions are on the form.

Admission Requirements for Transfer Applicants

The Honors College seeks scholars interested in research, change agents interested in engaging local and global communities, and individuals seeking to explore their curiosity and express their creativity. Participation in the Honors College is not a reward for past achievement; rather, we examine past achievement to better understand the potential in the individual applicant. Essays, college grade point averages, and a record of seeking challenges and taking on responsibilities help us better understand the whole person behind the application.

We will not consider transfer applicants’ high school records; rather, we will review the college record. Transfer applicants need to have at least a 3.3 GPA in their college courses, a record of engagement while in college, and an essay. Admission is competitive as we have many more strong applicants than available spaces in the College.


Incoming transfer applicants to the Honors College who apply by February 1, for fall admission only, will be considered for an Honors Transfer Scholarship, a $1,500/year scholarship.

Application Deadlines

Spring 2023 Application Deadline (to be considered for Honors College admission): December 1, 2022

Fall 2023 Priority Application Deadline (to be considered for the Honors College and scholarships): February 1, 2023

Fall 2023 Final Application Deadline (to be considered for Honors College admission): May 1, 2023

Students must be both fully admitted to Georgia Southern University and complete the Honors College application by the appropriate deadline to be considered.  Applications will be reviewed after each deadline.

Last updated: 10/6/2023