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Contract Review

The Office of Legal Affairs assists University departments with many types of University contracts. Pursuant to Section 112 of the Faculty Handbook, faculty members should not enter into contracts to which the University will be a party without seeking legal review of the contract.

Because Georgia Southern University is an instrumentality of the State of Georgia, it is restricted from entering into certain types of contracts (or contracts with certain types of clauses) under various provisions of Georgia’s Constitution and statutes. The contract review process helps the University avoid legal problems arising out of these restrictions. It also helps the University and its contractors better understand their contractual duties. Further information is available.

The Office of Legal Affairs also drafts contracts and assists departments and administrators with contract negotiations as needed.

Persons who sign contracts obliging the University to perform some duty should be certain that they have authority to do so. Otherwise, they may expose themselves needlessly to personal liability in the event there are problems with the contract in the future.

Please also remember that the Procurement card may not normally be used for services involving written agreements without prior review by Procurement & Contract Services. This is to protect departments against agreements containing clauses to which the University can not agree and protect our employees from possible personal liability exposure.

Procurement and Contract Services handles most contracts for the purchase of goods or services, contracts for consultant services, and contracts for lodging accommodations. If you are in doubt about whom to contact with a contract question, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the Legal Affairs Helpdesk.

Last updated: 8/4/2021