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Employee Engagement Survey

2023-2024 Survey

Employee Engagement Survey Town Hall

Employee Engagement Survey FAQ

What is the purpose of the survey?

The survey provides Georgia Southern faculty and staff an opportunity to give input and contribute to improvements of our culture of performance excellence at Georgia Southern. The survey offers an avenue for involvement and ownership in the creation and continuation of an engaged work environment.

Who will receive the survey?

Full Time benefited employees as of December 1, 2023. 

When will the survey open?

The survey will be available from March 1 to March 18. 

What company is administering the survey? 

Studer Education is administering the survey. Studer Education was created in 2011 as the education division of Studer Group, a healthcare consulting organization that was awarded the Malcolm Baldrige Award. Although recently acquired by Huron, Studer Education remains largely a company of educators, experienced in K12 and/or higher education, and partners with organizations across the country to support their leaders in the important and worthwhile work they do in service to others. As such, surveys are often the foundational work in a partnership. While administering surveys for organizations, Studer Ed is not a survey company; it’s a people company. Administering surveys as a third-party organization to our partners allows them to gather feedback to learn what is important to their stakeholders and to make strategic adjustments that drive improvement. Learn more about Studer Ed.

How long will the survey take to complete?

For most respondents, the survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Can we take the survey from our mobile device?


Is this survey anonymous?  

Studer Education will be administering the survey, managing the data collection, and analyzing the data to provide aggregated results to University administration. Each faculty/staff member will receive a unique survey link. Studer Education will report the results anonymously, and all input will remain anonymous for all personnel at Georgia Southern.

Why should we complete the survey?

This survey will represent a culture shift at Georgia Southern, where data is collected, rollout results shared, and Action Plans built that will hold leadership accountable.

What questions should I expect?

Questions on the survey are to address tangible items that faculty/staff would like to see improved upon.

Will this data be used to judge me for promotion and/or tenure?

The purpose of this survey is to assess work environments by way of soliciting input and feedback. It is not an evaluation tool.

Are the survey reports outward facing?  

The University’s report will be shared with the campus community. Unit reports will be shared within the respective department, division, and or college, they will not be made available to other units.

The survey results meeting – how is that structured? Who makes recommendations?  

University Leaders within each college, or division will meet with their personnel to make decisions about the content of the Action Plans. Studer will facilitate training to all Leaders prior to these meetings and development of the action plans.

I don’t regularly use a computer for work. Will I be able to participate?

Absolutely. We will be offering access to classrooms for employees who do not normally use a computer for work and employees can access the survey from a mobile device.

Classroom locations are:

  • Statesboro Campus: COE 2151
  • Armstrong Campus: Solms Hall 204

If a classroom space is needed, staff should work with their direct supervisors to schedule a time to take the survey.

Will the survey results be shared?

Yes. The overall University survey results will be shared.

Is the leader’s name specified on the survey (i.e., the chair versus the dean; director versus VP)?

Yes, each leader’s name will be listed on the survey.

Will data reported be based on identity groups (gender, race, etc) so we can see the differences in experiences?

Demographics are not asked and no partitioning of data will be done.

Who does the strategic planning committee report to? President’s Office? A committee?

The USPC reports to the President.

I didn’t receive an email. What should I do?

Please contact Julie Kunselman with Studer Education at

2022-23 Survey and Results

April 3, 2023 Survey Results Town Hall Presentation

Town hall meeting with President Marrero and Studer Education on the results of our third annual Employee Engagement Survey.

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Employee Engagement Survey 2022-23 Results Report

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2021-22 Survey and Results

Town Hall Meeting

Town hall meeting with President Marrero and Studer Education on the results of our second annual Employee Engagement Survey.

April 7, 2022 Engagement Survey Town Hall Meeting

April 7, 2022 Engagement Survey Town Hall Presentation

Employee Engagement Survey 2021-22 Results Report

About the 2022 Employee Engagement Survey

Message from Dr. Marrero: 

“I believe that becoming a great place for faculty and staff to work and grow will help us produce results such as better faculty and staff retention, student experience and improved student retention and graduation. The employee engagement survey is designed to measure our employees’ current ability and desire to engage with the institution and to determine how well the university provides an environment and culture in which employees want to engage.

This is your opportunity to help make Georgia Southern a better, more engaging place to work, to help us make your work more personally and professionally satisfying, and to help us ensure that our workplace environment encourages every employee to help Georgia Southern meet its institutional goals. Remember, candid, constructive criticism helps us grow wisely. Your voice and opinion are important and we want you to be heard and represented.” 

Initial 2022 Survey Presentation

2020-21 Survey and Results

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2020-21 Survey Results

Employee Engagement Survey 2020-21 Results Report

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Last updated: 4/20/2022