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Mandatory Student Fees

What are Mandatory Fees?

USG Board of Regents (BOR) Policy 

Mandatory student fees shall be used exclusively to support the institution’s mission to enrich the educational, institutional, and cultural experience of students.

Georgia Southern’s Mandatory Fees:

  • Student Activity Fee
  • Recreation (RAC) Fee
  • Health Fee
  • Technology Fee
  • Sustainability Fee
  • Athletic Fee
  • Athletic Facility Fee
  • Transit Fee
  • Student Center Facility Fee 

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How Are Fees Used to Support Student Engagement?

Links to Fees Policies

University System of Georgia Policies

Georgia Southern University Policy

2022 Fiscal Year Highlights

Georgia Southern’s Fiscal Year is July 1 – June 30

Fiscal Year Fees Cycle
  • The university’s current-year (FY24) projected fee revenue is lower than the actual revenue from last year (FY23)

Student Fee Advisory Committee

The Georgia Southern Student Fee Advisory Committee shall conform to the following requirements:

  • At least 50% of the committee shall be students
  • At least four (4) students must be in the committee
  • At least 50% of student members must be undergraduate students
  • At least 25% of student members must be graduate students
  • At least one (1) part-time student
  • At least one (1) fully online student

Mandatory Fee Waivers

At the end of the fiscal year if revenue exceeds expenditure, then the revenue is carried forward to the next fiscal year as reserves

The Board of Regents (BOR) Policy grants fee waivers to students in the Dual Enrollment Program, fully online, military, or over 62 years of age.

Learn more about Mandatory Student Fees here

Military members currently serving in any branch or the Reserves/National Guard may learn more about having their mandatory fees waived by following this link

Last updated: 8/24/2023