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if you write one story, it may be bad. if you write 100, you have the odds in your favor - edgar rice burroughs

The Writing Center at Georgia Southern University gives you the opportunity to get individualized feedback on your writing from experienced writers and teachers of writing.

Like other tutoring centers at Georgia Southern, we offer individualized writing assistance in ways that ensure your safety and our tutors’ safety as well.  You can meet tutors face-to-face in socially distanced conferences in the Center, or you can make an appointment to work with a tutor online in a video conference.  (See the appointment instructions in the window on the left.)

No matter what kind of writing project you’re working on — an essay for your English class, a case study for your economics course, a PowerPoint presentation for your engineering seminar, or a scholarship application — our tutors are ready to help you improve your drafts.  You can come to the Center on a walk-in basis or sign up in advance for a half-hour or hour-long conference with one of our graduate or undergraduate peer tutors.

Though Writing Center tutors will not proofread papers (finding and correcting all the grammar and/or punctuation problems for you), they will make suggestions, work on organization and development, help you locate useful resources, and show you how to identify and fix grammar/punctuation problems on your own.  Eagles soar when they know how to use their own wings!

If you’re a faculty member and would like someone from the Writing Center to visit your class and give a short talk to your students about our services, please visit our Classroom Visits page.