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Institute for Vibrant and Engaged Communities

Building Resilient Communities Together

It’s no secret: people like to live in vibrant communities — resilient communities that can manage shocks and stressors to maintain, improve or transform their towns and cities.

Every community has a unique story and faces complex challenges — from housing shortages and economic struggles to infrastructure and environmental concerns. At the Institute for Vibrant and Engaged Communities, we’re committed to listening to those stories and working together to write the next chapter. Our mission is to help them achieve resilience and thrive.

Led by Candice Pippin Bodkin, Ph.D., and Jayce Sudweeks, Ph.D., assistant professors in the Department of Public and Nonprofit Studies, the Institute brings cutting-edge research to your community and finds practical solutions to these challenges, making a tangible impact.

Did You Know?

Communities face shocks and stressors, like hurricanes, floods, or the opioid epidemic, that threaten their resilience and ability to maintain their community well-being. High-risk counties are those that are more vulnerable to shocks and stressors. Rural counties are more likely to be high-risk than urban counties, and 50 counties in Georgia were deemed high-risk. All but two counties in Georgia were deemed high or moderate risk. 

Overall, 34% of all counties in the Southeast U.S. were deemed high risk. 

This indicates a region-wide need to include consideration for high-risk populations in planning, mitigation and sustainability efforts to increase community resilience and well-being.

Discover our projects, engage with our initiatives and explore the possibilities of what we can achieve together for a brighter, more vibrant future.

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