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Military Science

A Legacy of Leadership

At Georgia Southern University’s ROTC program, you’ll join a legacy of leadership and excellence. Established in 1980, the program is renowned for its commitment to commissioning future U.S. Army leaders. Being one of the largest of its kind in the Southeastern U.S., it boasts numerous accolades, including four MacArthur Awards. The program emphasizes rigorous training and mentoring by a world-class group of faculty and staff, preparing students to excel in various military roles. With a history of meeting commissioning targets, the ROTC at Georgia Southern is a cornerstone for those aspiring to serve their country with honor and distinction.

Find Your Voice

Whether you’re a freshman, interested in the Simultaneous Membership Program, or aiming to transition from enlisted to officer through Green to Gold, there’s a path for you. With a strong Army Nursing program, our ROTC nurtures diverse skills and leadership qualities ready for the modern world.

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Top Army Nurses

Our ROTC program is one of the top producers of Army Nurses in the United States.

Quick Graduation Pathway

The average time to graduate is 4.2 years, including those who miss a semester for Basic Training.

World-Class Mentors

Students are mentored and led by a world-class group of Cadre each step of the way throughout the program.

Saluting the Future

With a U.S. Army commission and a Military Science minor, you’ll have vast career options. Upon graduating, students become Second Lieutenants, serving either full-time on Active Duty or part-time in the National Guard or Reserve. You can choose from 18 Army branches including Cyber, Intelligence, Nursing, Military Police, Aviation, Engineering and Transportation.

This program hones leadership and critical thinking, preparing you for diverse careers in military and civilian sectors. Join us to confidently shape your future., 2024

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From its creation in 1980 until today, the Georgia Southern Army ROTC Program has pursued only one mission: to commission future leaders in the U.S. Army. Our award-winning program is the largest of its kind in the Southeastern United States, and recruits only the highest quality students, the best of which graduate with a degree and a gold bar.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Four-time recipient of the prestigious MacArthur Award, presented to the top ROTC program from each of the eight brigades. (2009, 2010, 2015 and 2016)
  • One of the largest non-military college Army ROTC programs in the country.
  • One of the top producers of Army Nurses nationwide.
  • The Green to Gold counterpart battalion for both Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield.
  • Meeting or exceeding the required number of Army Commissioned Officers for over the last decade, one of only a handful in the country to do so.

In the Eagle Battalion, you will be trained and mentored to the highest possible standards. Our expectations are high, but our world-class group of Cadre will be there every step of the way to teach, coach and mentor you to your success.