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Research and Outreach


The Southern Center for Logistics and Intermodal Transportation

The Southern Center for Logistics and Intermodal Transportation is housed in Georgia Southern University’s Parker College of Business. Created in 1992 at the request of area industry leaders, the Center serves as a bridge between the logistics-related resources of the University and the business community engaged in logistics activities.

The Center’s activities focus on the rapidly growing supply chain operations, especially areas of logistics and intermodal distribution. As part of the Department of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, the Center accesses a wealth of knowledge, skills, and abilities in logistics and supply chain management via a substantial group of faculty, hundreds of undergraduate majors, and cohorts of doctoral students.

If your company is considering a research project in the area of supply chain management, forecasting, performance measurement, intermodal transportation, or sourcing, we encourage you to consider our Center. We have the resources and expertise to provide you and your organization quality results, with a reasonable investment of time and funds.


Established in 1992, the Southern Center for Logistics and Intermodal Transportation (SCLIT), is housed within the Department of Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM) in the Parker College of Business at Georgia Southern University. The Center was created upon the request of industry leaders seeking a mechanism through which to engage the logistics and supply chain-related resources at the university with the significantly important transportation, logistics and supply chain activity central to the economy of the region.


The SCLIT is a facilitator and enabler of students, faculty members and industry engagement in transportation, logistics and supply chain management knowledge creation, knowledge exchange, and talent development through advances in training and research.


Through education, research and outreach activity, the SCLIT will serve and equip transportation, logistics, and supply chain management students, professionals, and organizations with the knowledge and tools necessary to develop and implement programs and solutions that advance and improve supply chain practice.

SCLIT leadership and personnel intend to deliver on this mission through engagement with stakeholders in the following areas:

  • Research
  • Outreach
  • Education and Training

For more information on engaging or partnering with the SCLIT please contact Scott Ellis, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, at

Center for Sales Excellence

The Center for Sales Excellence was established to support and promote our students in pursuit of Sales and Sales Management careers. The Center is housed within the Parker College of Business, serving business majors through a BBA in Marketing with an Emphasis in Sales and Sales Management. Through the activities of the Center, students gain experience with sales role-play in our three-room lab, and many go on to compete at the national level in competitions. The Center also works to bring sales students together with many companies who are looking for talent.

Last updated: 12/29/2023