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Letter from the Dean

Dear Alumni and Friends,

The mission of the Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering & Computing is to provide our students with an excellent theoretical, practical and laboratory-oriented education. The College emphasizes direct faculty interaction with students through projects and undergraduate research for the development of responsible graduates who are prepared to contribute to our industries and society. We pride ourselves on providing abundant opportunities for professional development, services and resources for our students and faculty.

Your financial support is crucial to achieving our goal of providing a top-notch education for all graduates of the College of Engineering and Computing. Please consider a one-time gift, an annual donation, or a planned gift.  Please take a moment to learn about giving opportunities and consider investing in any of our funding priorities.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your donation to the College, please contact my office at 912-478-7412.

Thank you!
Craig M. Harvey, Ph.D., P.E.

Funding Priorities

We are focused on providing our world-renowned faculty and brilliant students with the resources, tools, and facilities needed for excellence. We invite you to consider investing in any of the following funding priorities.

Dean’s Leadership Fund


The Dean’s Leadership Fund provides funds that can be used immediately at the discretion of the dean, giving the College of Engineering and Computing the capacity to continue being a student-centric place of discovery, innovation, and application-based teaching. With your gift, the College will foster professional learning experiences utilizing advanced technologies applied with state-of-the-art equipment, inspire innovation and invention, encourage sustainability, and technically and economically enrich our communities and societies.

Inspiring Faculty Excellence

Faculty discussion

In the classroom, in the lab, or research, our faculty engage, teach, and inspire students to become innovative problem-solvers, leaders, and change-makers in society. Inspiring faculty excellence at all levels of research, teaching and service is the fundamental, underlining value at Georgia Southern. The College of Engineering and Computing needs support to retain talented faculty and recruit new faculty. A gift of an endowed chair, professorship or scholar will help us to attract and retain outstanding faculty and researchers.

Enhance Student Success

Attracting the best and brightest students to College of Engineering and Computing and helping them to thrive, regardless of backgrounds, to become intelligent practitioners in the fields of engineering, construction, computing, and technology is our mission. We invite you to support our students in any of the following ways: undergraduate named scholarships, graduate research assistantships, and experiential learning in competitions throughout the nation.

Innovation, Creativity & Research

Giving for student success

All of College of Engineering and Computing’s degree programs are at the forefront of innovation, creating technologies that will impact the world and provide important global solutions. Faculty and students engaged in 21st-century teaching and research need 21st-century facilities and technology to do their best work. We are pursuing a culture where teaching and research are paramount with the understanding that we are educating tomorrow’s leaders. We invite you to consider endowing support for innovative research, any of our labs, or programs to transform the lives of our students and College of Engineering and Computing.

Ways to Make Your Gift

We are thankful to receive your gift, of any size, and it will be used in the way that you designate. Each gift is made as either a restricted gift or an unrestricted gift. Regardless of how you designate your gift, every gift is genuinely appreciated, and every gift will make a major difference. To learn more about the different ways to give, please visit the University Advancement webpage (opens in new window).

For more information on specific giving opportunities, please contact Barbara Gooby, (912) 478-7170, or e-mail to

Designating Your Gift

If you wish to designate a specific fund for your gift, please refer to the following funding account numbers for the college and each department.

0890 Office of the Dean
3599 Allen E. Paulson Faculty Development and Faculty/Student Applied Research Endowment
3559 Allen E. Paulson Student Scholarship Endowment
0967 Dean’s Leadership Fund
3307 Engineering Faculty Development
3270 Ernest W. and Audrey M. Hartsell Engineering Scholarship
3490 F. Everett Williams Scholarship
3500 Grinnell Engineering Scholarship
3295 Gulfstream Aerospace Engineering Endowment
3514 Hugh E. Darley Sr. Technology Scholarship
xxxx Savannah Food & Industries Engineering Scholarship
3294 Stephen G. Moore Scholarship

0886 Civil Engineering and Construction Department
0434 Alex Futch Memorial Scholarship
0415 Associated Builders and Contractors of Georgia
3208 Cap Mallard Scholarship
3522 Construction Management Alumni Scholarship
0655 Construction Management Equipment Fund
3650 Construction Management Initiative
0425 Construction Management Program
0657 Construction Management Student Support Fund
3707 Ellis Cartee Endowment
0767 Gary L. Duncan Memorial Scholarship
3548 Gene and Jan Jernigan Construction Management Initiative Fund
3502 Golden Hammer Scholarship
0938 Georgia Southern Construction Management Associates Council
3219 Home Builders Association of Statesboro Scholarship
3511 Hussey, Gay, Bell and DeYoung, Inc. Civil Engineering Scholarship
3381 Ray M. Wright Scholarship Fund of the Home Builders Association of Columbus
3370 Robert B. Baker Scholarship
3357 Stuber-EMC Civil Engineering Technology Scholarship
xxxx Tharpe Engineering Scholarship
3724 Thomas & Hutton Scholarship in Honor of J. Mitchell Bohannon, III
3262 William Jones Lane, Sr. Memorial Scholarship

0703 Computer Science Department
ASxxxx Karla Alwan Foundation
AS3008 The Bhatia Foundation Scholarship
AS3046 Lancy C. Jen Computer Science Scholarship
0752 Computer Sciences Scholarship
3714 Morris Technology Scholarship

0648 Information Technology Department
3632 Safe Systems, Inc. Technology Scholarship
xxxx Robert and Thalia Stoddard Family Scholarship

0891 Electrical & Computer Engineering Department
0937 Diversity in Engineering
3664 Electrical Engineering Scholarship

0992 Manufacturing Engineering Department
3338 Claude A. Howard Memorial Scholarship
0003 Gene Haas Foundation Manufacturing Engineering Scholarship
0204 Manufacturing Engineering Eagles Scholarship
0025 Manufacturers’ Education Foundation Scholarship
0984 Manufacturing Engineering Program Initiative
3533 Manufacturing Scholarship

0892 Mechanical Engineering Department
3598 Allen E. Paulson Distinguished Chair in Renewable Energy
3400 Charles Robert Pound, Sr. Scholarship
3583 Edward A. Abercrombie Memorial Scholarship
3679 Mechanical Engineering Student Research Endowment
0651 Mechanical Engineering Student Project and Competition

For more information on specific giving opportunities, please contact Barbara Gooby, 912-478-7170, or e-mail to

Giving Opportunities

Explore, Innovate, Inspire

The goal of the Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Computing is simply to offer the best education possible – using hands-on learning and state-of-the-art equipment – to empower our graduates to become tomorrow’s innovators and inventors.  We need your support to make sure our faculty and students have the resources they need to achieve this lofty, but attainable, goal.

Whether you wish to make an annual or endowed gift, provide scholarship support, or discuss your estate plans, your gift of any type or size will make a tangible difference to faculty and students throughout the College.  We invite you to consider investing in any of the following funding priorities.

Priority 1:  Student Success
  • Attract more students who are well-prepared in math and science
  • Attract more students from under-represented populations to the College of Engineering and Computing
  • Support well-qualified students who need financial assistance
  • Promote undergraduate research and senior capstone projects
  • Support student organizations and student leadership
Priority 2:  Excellence in Research
  • Promote undergraduate research projects and the College’s annual research symposium
  • Promote faculty research projects and support seed grants that prepare faculty to win external funding
  • Build, upgrade and maintain state-of-the-art teaching and research labs
Priority 3:  Academic Excellence
  • Attract highly qualified teacher-scholars to the College of Engineering and Computing
  • Recognize and retain our best teachers and researchers
  • Encourage faculty interaction with industry professionals in their field of expertise
  • Support faculty and student travel to conferences and professional meetings
Priority 4:  Fiscal Sustainability
  • Support outreach to middle- and high schools throughout the region to encourage students to pursue an education in STEM fields at Georgia Southern
  • Ensure long-term support for College of Engineering and Computing programs by strengthening and adding endowments

How you can help

    Endow a student scholarship tailored to your philanthropic goals

    Endow a named professorship, chair or distinguished scholar in your preferred discipline

    Endow a fund to support undergraduate or faculty research projects

    Support student organizations and their participation in national competitions

    Establish a fund to support faculty and student travel for professional development and presentations at national conferences and meetings

    Contribute to the Dean’s Leadership Fund for other programs that support the college mission

    Establish a co-op or internship program at your company

    Develop networking opportunities between your company and our student organizations and/or the Innovation Living Learning Community

For more information on specific giving opportunities, please contact Barbara Gooby, 912-478-7170, or e-mail to

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Last updated: 12/27/2023