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About Us

The Center for Africana Studies is multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary in its academic scope. Its goal is to expose students to myriad aspects of the experiences of indigenous Africans on the Continent and of people of African descent throughout the Diaspora. The Center for Africana Studies is an academic arm of the College of Arts and Humanities and the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences. As such, students have opportunities to engage in social justice research as well as participate in programs of studies designed to positively impact the greater community. The curriculum is designed to lay a foundation and offer an opportunity for students to explore the historical, cultural, and political experiences of African people and the African Diaspora. Students will gain an appreciation for the diversity of the people of Africa and African descendants throughout the world.

Our Mission

  • The Center for Africana Studies at Georgia Southern recognizes the important contributions that Africans, and people of African descent, have made and the impact that these contributions have had on the world economically, politically, culturally, and socially. The Center for Africana Studies promotes the study of Africa, the African Diaspora, and the lived experiences of African Americans and other subjects that resonate with the study of Africa in any academic discipline. The Center of Africana Studies, housed in the College of Arts and Humanities, seeks to become the preeminent center for studying Africa and those of African descent in the South-East areas of Georgia and South Carolina and bringing recognition to these studies locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Our Vision

In alignment with the Vision Statement for Georgia Southern University, The Center for Africana Study’s Vision Statement focuses on People. Purpose. Action: Growing Ourselves to Grow Others.

  • People: Indigenous people in Africa and the African Diaspora.
  • Purpose: Create a platform to celebrate, honor, research, understand, promote and support Africa and the African Diaspora
  • Action: Prepare scholars to impact the world with knowledge gained about Africa and the African Diaspora
  • Growing ourselves (students, faculty, and staff) to grow others (the community)

The goals and strategies of the Center for Africana Studies align with those of the university:

  1. Student success – supporting students in achieving their individual and unique goals and providing opportunities for them to engage in academic, personal, and professional development activities.
  2. Teaching Research – advancing knowledge of African and the African Diaspora through integrated teaching, research, and creative scholarly activity
  3. Inclusive Excellence – neither the people nor the study of Africa are homogenous, but rather consist of myriad cultures and groups. The center promotes an equitable, diverse, and inclusive culture
  4. Operational Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Sustainability – maximizing financial and human capital to ensure long-term sustainability of the Center
  5. Community Engagement – partnering with the local community for all of our campuses to share knowledge and resources and increase the quality of life

Our Logo

The Sanko Bird symbolizes the need for people (in general) and Blacks (in particular) to look back at history through accurate historic lenses to move forward to impact the world.

Last updated: 10/21/2022