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Minors in Art

Looking to add some creative thinking to your course schedule?

The Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art (BFSDoArt) offers six minors that can help shape your future career path or even open possibilities for careers you haven’t thought of!

*Programs available only on the Statesboro Campus. 

Not only can you minor in Art History, Graphic Design, or Studio Art while majoring in a degree outside of the Department,  you can also pair BFSDoArt majors with BFSDoArt minors.

Campus Major & BFSDoArt Minor Examples
Major Minor Outcome
Finance Art History Students can utilize their financial skills as a Gallery Director.
Marketing Graphic Design Project Managers can design products and packaging that customers want to buy.
Middle Grades Education Art History Prepares student for art teacher positions and Masters in Art Education.
Fashion Merchandising & Apparel Design Graphic Design Creates a foundation for designing merchandising material and fashion spreads.
Interior Design Graphic Design Teaches graphic concepts for creating custom signs and wall art for businesses or homes.
Recreation Art History Tourism and Community Leisure Majors with Art Minor- Creates job opportunities as: guides for museums or historic houses, and Associates for museums or city attraction committees/centers. Recreation Therapy Major with Art Minor- Will provide a foundation in art studio or art history in order to implement artistic methods to improve the quality of life for clients. Natural and Cultural Resource Management Major with Art Minor- Creates job opportunities as: adventure travel guides to art history locations, museum curator, and art camp directors.
Anthropology Art History Anthropologists can learn a culture’s social norms and expectations by studying their artwork. In some cases, cultures do not have many, if any, written artifacts remaining, which points to the importance of studying art.
English Art History Prepares student for the opportunity to earn a PhD in Art History.
History Art History Art history instills the importance that art had on societies. Historians can learn a culture’s social norms and expectations by studying their artwork, and in some cases, cultures do not have many, if any, written artifacts remaining.
Journalism Art History Prepares students to be art critics.
Multimedia Communication Graphic Design Provides a foundation in internet and digital media concepts.
Philosophy Art History Art shows how people have answered universal questions for centuries, and art also pose more questions for today’s thinkers.
Public Relations Graphic Design Provides the fundamental tools required for creating successful layout & design campaigns, as well as teaching campaign management and project management.
Sociology Art History In order to understand a country, children, or group’s political or social views, it is beneficial to study the expressive art that these groups produce.
Writing & Linguistics Art History Prepares students for careers as art critics or theorists.
Mechanical Engineering Graphic Design Learning the fundamental design concepts will greatly aid in product design that meet the consumer’s needs.
Electrical Engineering Graphic Design Researching and designing products is enhanced when basic design concepts are mastered. New ideas of graphic design have shifted to focus on consumers’ needs and less on the wants of a company.

Last updated: 11/28/2023