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Degrees and Programs

At Georgia Southern University’s College of Education (COE), we want aspiring education professionals to reach their desired career goals. Our college offers undergraduate teacher preparation programs and over 30 graduate program options. 

If you have big plans for your future, then Georgia Southern’s College of Education is where you can READY yourself to make them a reality.

Please view program listings below to determine which program is right for you!

Official Program NameLocationProgram LevelDescriptionCollege Site
COE.GREnd.XXXXXXXX.XXAutism - Graduate Online (Endorsement)OnlineGraduate EndorsementCOE9The Autism Endorsement program develops highly skilled special education autism certified teachers who can plan systematic, specialized instruction to meet the needs of individuals with autism spectrum disorders.None of Education Online Tier 2N/AN/A$4,296.00N/AAutism - Online (Endorsement)
COE.BSEd.13131401.XXBachelor of Science in Education Degree in Health and Physical EducationStatesboroBachelor's DegreeCOE124The Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education at Georgia Southern University offers certification and non-certification tracks for students seeking initial P-12 teacher certification or alternative career paths. Combining coursework in major studies, methodology, and professional education, this in-person program includes extensive field experiences. Graduates qualify for Georgia's induction certification upon passing the GACE exam. The Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's (ABM) program offers qualified students an efficient, cost-effective path to both undergraduate and graduate degrees.None of Education In-Person$2,732.00$9,641.00N/AEducationN/AHealth and Physical Education (BSEd)
COE.BSEd.13120301.XXBachelor of Science in Education Degree in Middle Grades EducationStatesboroBachelor's DegreeCOE124The Bachelor of Science in Middle Grades Education at Georgia Southern University equips students for initial middle-grades teacher certification (grades 4-8). Combining major field coursework, academic instruction methodologies, and professional education, this program offers certification and non-certification tracks. Extensive field experiences ensure well-rounded preparation for Georgia's teacher induction certification.None of Education In-Person$2,732.00$9,641.00N/AEducationN/AMiddle Grades Education (BSEd)
COE.BSEd.13120501.XXBachelor of Science in Education Degree in Secondary EducationStatesboro, SavannahBachelor's DegreeCOE124Georgia Southern University's Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education fosters classroom management and curriculum planning skills. This program, offering certification and non-certification tracks, provides practical training in local middle and high schools, emphasizing areas like Biology, Chemistry, English, History, Mathematics, and Physics. Successful completion leads to initial certification in secondary education (grades 6-12), preparing students for impactful teaching careers.Biology
Physics of Education In-Person$2,732.00$9,641.00N/AEducationN/ASecondary Education (BSEd)
COE.EdD.13040101.XXDoctor of Education Degree in Education LeadershipOnlineDoctoral DegreeCOE39-69The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership prepares the experienced you to manage complex educational organizations by enhancing your leadership skills through advanced coursework and guided field research.P-12 Educational Leadership
Higher Education Leadership of Education Programs - Education$3,618.00$13,559.00N/AEducationFall: June 1 | Spring: No Admit | Summer: No AdmitEducational Leadership (EdD)
COE.EdD.13030101.XXDoctor of Education Degree in Curriculum StudiesStatesboroDoctoral DegreeCOE66-78The Ed.D. in Curriculum Studies is an interdisciplinary program that equips you with the knowledge and skills to be a leader capable of making ethical and wise decisions in professional settings, as well as conduct independent research and evaluate research projects and scholarly creations.Cultural Curriculum Studies
Learning, Development, and Curriculum
Multicultural and Social Justice Education of Education Programs - Education$3,618.00$13,559.00N/AEducationFall: No Admit | Spring: No Admit | Summer: March 15Curriculum Studies (EdD)
COE.GREnd.XXXXXXXX.XXEnglish for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) - Graduate Online (Endorsement)OnlineGraduate EndorsementCOE9This graduate level English for Speakers of Other Languages endorsement further prepares you to be ready for state licensure or certification by learning more about Diversity, Teaching, and linguistics.None of Education Online Tier 2N/AN/A$4,296.00N/AEnglish for Speakers of Other Languages ESOL (Endorsement)
COE.GREnd.XXXXXXXX.XXGifted In-field - Graduate Online (Endorsement)OnlineGraduate EndorsementCOE12The Gifted In-field Endorsement provides field experience in settings with opportunities to work with gifted learners.You will learn how gifted learners grow and develop and learn to plan instruction and ensure academically challenging learning environments that enable gifted learners to meet high standards and to interact with others of high ability.None of Education Online Tier 2N/AN/A$4,296.00N/AGifted In-field - Online (Endorsement)
COE.MAT.13120601.XXMaster of Arts in Teaching DegreeStatesboro, OnlineMaster's DegreeCOE33-45The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) at Georgia Southern University offers initial teaching certification and a master's degree for those with a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution. The program features six study concentrations, field experiences, and student teaching/internship opportunities, leading to Georgia certification and eligibility for teaching in public or private schools.Elementary Education P-5
Health and Physical Education P-12
Middle Grades Education Grades 4-8
Secondary Education Grades 6-12
Spanish Education P-12
Special Education P-12 of Education Programs - Education & Graduate Online Tier 2$3,618.00$13,559.00$4,296.00EducationVaries by ConcentrationTeaching (MAT)
COE.MEd.13110101.XXMaster of Education Degree in Counselor EducationStatesboroMaster's DegreeCOE60The Counselor Education M.Ed. program prepares you for a career as a professional counselor in school, community agency, and post-secondary educational settings. You'll develop a comprehensive counseling knowledge base through experiential coursework and clinical field-based experiences.School Counseling
Clinical Mental Health Counseling of Education In-Person$3,318.00$13,259.00N/AEducationFall: Feb 1 | Spring: No Admit | Summer: Feb 1Counselor Education (MEd)
COE.MEd.13129901.XXMaster of Education Degree in Curriculum and Instruction - Accomplished TeachingOnlineMaster's DegreeCOE36The M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction – Accomplished Teaching offers a highly interactive setting that promotes leadership, collegiality and communication skills as you study and grow your skills as a professional educator.None of Education Online - GOML Group 1N/AN/A$4,620.00EducationFall: Aug 1 | Spring: Dec 15 | Summer: May 1Curriculum and Instruction - Accomplished Teaching (MEd)
COE.MEd.13040101.XXMaster of Education Degree in Educational LeadershipOnlineMaster's DegreeCOE36The M.Ed. in Educational Leadership combines coursework with clinical practice and field experience to equip you with the foundation knowledge and research skills needed to succeed as an educational leader. This program leads to leadership certification at the Tier I level.None of Education Online Tier 2N/AN/A$4,296.00EducationFall: July 1 | Spring: No Admit | Summer: No AdmitEducational Leadership (Med)
COE.MEd.13120201.XXMaster of Education Degree in Elementary EducationOnlineMaster's DegreeCOE36The online Master of Education in Elementary Education provides a student-centered learning environment to prepare you for a career as a teacher committed to high academic standards for students in P-5 schools.None of Education Online Tier 2N/AN/A$4,296.00EducationFall: No Admit | Spring: No Admit | Summer: March 1Elementary Education - Grades P-5 (MEd)
COE.MEd.13120602.XXMaster of Education Degree in Evaluation, Assessment, Research, and LearningOnlineMaster's DegreeCOE36The M.Ed. degree in Evaluation, Assessment, Research, and Learning provides the professional educational research knowledge and skills needed for a successful career delivering data-informed decisions in a variety of educational, nonprofit and governmental environments.None of Education Online Tier 2N/AN/A$4,296.00EducationFall: July 15 | Spring: Dec 1 | Summer: April 15Evaluation, Assessment, Research, and Learning (MEd)
COE.MEd.13040601.XXMaster of Education Degree in Higher Education AdministrationStatesboro, OnlineMaster's DegreeCOE36You can grow or prepare for a new career in postsecondary administration through the M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration. This program offers innovative instructional formats where you will explore historical and contemporary issues affecting higher education.None of Education In-Person & Fully Online$3,318.00$13,259.00$3,324.00EducationFall: July 1 | Spring: Nov 1 | Summer: April 1Higher Education Administration (MEd)
COE.MEd.13050101.XXMaster of Education Degree in Instructional TechnologyOnlineMaster's DegreeCOE36-42The M.Ed. in Instructional Technology offers advanced study opportunities for those aspiring to leadership positions in the instructional technology field. Coursework is tailored to your career goals, whether those include P-12 certification, business, military or higher education positions.Instructional Technology
School Library Media Specialist
Dual Certification (Instructional Technology and School Library Media Specialist) of Education Online Tier 2N/AN/A$4,296.00EducationFall: July 1 | Spring: Nov 1 | Summer: April 1Instructional Technology - Georgia ONmyLINE (MEd)
COE.MEd.13120301.XXMaster of Education Degree in Middle Grades EducationOnlineMaster's DegreeCOE36The online M.Ed. in Middle Grades Education offers sound education in using diverse teaching and learning experiences (including technology) for grades 4-8 in your subject concentration: language arts, mathematics, reading, science or social studies.None of Education Online Tier 2N/AN/A$4,296.00EducationFall: July 1 | Spring: Nov 1 | Summer: April 1Middle Grades Education Grades 4-8 (MEd)
COE.MEd.13131501.XXMaster of Education Degree in Reading EducationOnlineMaster's DegreeCOE36The Reading Education program prepares you for the fast changing world of literacy preparation at all levels. This program leads to certification to teach reading/literacy in grades PreK – 12 and provide instructional support for teaching reading/literacy to classroom teachers and paraprofessionals.None of Education Online Tier 2N/AN/A$4,296.00EducationFall: July 1 | Spring: Nov 1 | Summer: April 1Reading Education (MEd)
COE.MEd.13120501.XXMaster of Education Degree in Secondary EducationOnlineMaster's DegreeCOE36The online M.Ed. in Secondary Education offers a rigorous combination of coursework and research-related study to prepare you with the professional and pedagogical knowledge and skills to teach grades 6-12.None of Education Online Tier 2N/AN/A$4,296.00EducationFall: July 1 | Spring: Nov 1 | Summer: April 1Secondary Education Grades 6-12 (MEd)
COE.MEd.13040201.XXMaster of Education Degree in Special EducationOnlineMaster's DegreeCOE36The online M.Ed. in Special Education provides training to equip you to teach in interrelated disciplines for diverse learners as an independent teacher in a specialized setting or as a co-teacher in the general education setting for grades P-12.None of Education Online Tier 2N/AN/A$4,296.00EducationFall: No Admit | Spring: No Admit | Summer: April 1Special Education Grades P-12 (MEd)
COE.MEd.13020201.XXMaster of Education Degree in Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse StudentsOnlineMaster's DegreeCOE39The online M.Ed. in Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students enables you to develop your skills and knowledge to better serve culturally and linguistically diverse students, focusing on immigration, educational research, policy, literacy and relevant pedagogy.None of Education Online Tier 2N/AN/A$4,296.00EducationFall: Aug 1 | Spring: Dec 1 | Summer: May 1Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students (MEd)
COE.GREnd.XXXXXXXX.XXPositive Behavior Intervention and Supports - Graduate Online (Endorsement)OnlineGraduate EndorsementCOE9This Endorsement Program is for teachers and administrators that want to learn about issues impacting the practice of discipline as well as methods for addressing them, especially within the context of public schools. Program emphasizes critical thinking and reflective, data-driven decision making and equips students to implement and administer a PBIS program.None of Education Online Tier 2N/AN/A$4,296.00N/APositive Behavior Intervention and Supports - Online (Endorsement)
COE.CERG.13060101.XXPost-Baccalaureate Certificate In Applied Research and EvaluationOnlineAdvanced Certificate (Graduate)COE12Our online graduate certificate in Applied Research and Evaluation gives you the opportunity to develop and apply fundamental research strategies through hands-on experience. This graduate certificate can be completed as a stand-alone program or in conjunction with a complementary master's degree.None of Education Online Tier 1N/AN/A$3,324.00N/AApplied Research and Evaluation - Online (Grad Cert)
COE.CERG.13030101.XXPost-Baccalaureate Certificate In Curriculum and Pedagogy for Social JusticeOnlineAdvanced Certificate (Graduate)COE18This graduate certificate is designed to provide you with the theoretical foundations, historical knowledge, practical experience, and supportive infrastructure needed to successfully integrate social justice education into the classroom.None of Education Online Tier 2N/AN/A$4,296.00N/ACurriculum and Pedagogy for Social Justice (Grad Cert)
COE.CERG.13040101.XXPost-Baccalaureate Certificate In Educational Leadership Tier IOnlineAdvanced Certificate (Graduate)COE18The Educational Leadership Tier I graduate certificate program provides a unique opportunity for P-12 educational leaders who already hold an M.Ed. to further develop the skills necessary for school administrative positions through a rigorous performance-based program.None of Education Online Tier 2N/AN/A$4,296.00N/AEducational Leadership Tier I - Online (Grad Cert)
COE.CERG.13050101.XXPost-Baccalaureate Certificate In Instructional TechnologyOnlineAdvanced Certificate (Graduate)COE24The Instructional Technology graduate certificate offers advanced training in instructional design and the use of technology in educational settings for those who previously earned a master's degree in education and relevant certifications.None of Education Online Tier 2N/AN/A$4,296.00N/AInstructional Technology Certification Non-Degree - Online (Grad Cert)
COE.CERG.13133401.XXPost-Baccalaureate Certificate In School Library MediaOnlineAdvanced Certificate (Graduate)COE24This graduate certificate provides advanced instruction in the functions and management of digital learning environments, including school library media centers. Topics include program planning and development, facility management, and media collection maintenance.None of Education Online Tier 2N/AN/A$4,296.00N/ASchool Library Media Certification - Online (Grad Cert)
COE.GREnd.XXXXXXXX.XXReading Endorsement: Classroom Teacher of Reading Program - Graduate Online (Endorsement)OnlineGraduate EndorsementCOE9The Reading Endorsement: Classroom Teacher of Reading is a fully-online professional endorsement program that prepares you to teach reading at the grade level of your education certification.None of Education Online Tier 2N/AN/A$4,296.00N/AReading Endorsement: Classroom Teacher of Reading Program - Online (Endorsement)
COE.EdS.13050101.XXSpecialist in Education Degree in Instructional TechnologyOnlineEducation Specialist DegreeCOE30The Ed.S. in Instructional Technology is a rigorous, high-quality, cutting-edge online learning experience that offers advanced training in the use of technology in teaching and learning to create dynamic environments for instructional delivery.None of Education Online Tier 2N/AN/A$4,296.00EducationFall: July 1 | Spring: No Admit | Summer: No AdmitInstructional Technology (EdS)
COE.EdS.13131501.XXSpecialist in Education Degree in Reading EducationOnlineEducation Specialist DegreeCOE33The Ed.S. in Reading Education is designed for teachers in grades K-12 who possess or are eligible for a Professional Level Five Certificate in Reading Education, Elementary Education, Special Education, or Middle Grades Education as they pursue graduate preparation beyond the Master’s degree.None of Education Online Tier 2N/AN/A$4,296.00EducationFall: July 1 | Spring: Nov 1 | Summer: April 1Reading Education K-12 (EdS)
COE.EdS.42280500.XXSpecialist in Education Degree in School PsychologyStatesboroEducation Specialist DegreeCOE69The Ed.S. in School Psychology offers training to equip you to effectively serve children and adolescents with learning, behavioral or emotional problems in educational settings.None of Education In-Person$3,318.00$13,259.00N/AEducation, Human BehaviorFall: March 15 | Spring: Oct 10 | Summer: No AdmitSchool Psychology (EdS)
COE.GREnd.XXXXXXXX.XXTeacher Leadership Endorsement - Graduate Online (Endorsement)OnlineGraduate EndorsementCOE9The online Teacher Leadership Endorsement provides educational leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure effective and efficient management of a school or district while promoting student social and academic learning.None of Education Online Tier 2N/AN/A$4,296.00N/ATeacher Leadership Endorsement - Online (Endorsement)
COE.GREnd.XXXXXXXX.XXTeacher Support and Coaching - Graduate Online (Endorsement)OnlineGraduate EndorsementCOE6This Endorsement Program is for teachers and administrators that want to learn how to mentor/support pre-service, induction phase and/or professional educators.None of Education Online Tier 2N/AN/A$4,296.00N/ATeacher Support and Coaching - Online (Endorsement)
COE.GREnd.XXXXXXXX.XXTeaching and Learning Endorsement - Graduate Online (Endorsement)OnlineGraduate EndorsementCOE9The Online Teaching and Learning Endorsement is designed to prepare K-12 teachers to teach in a virtual school environment. You'll be immersed in the learning process as an online student and the instructional process as an online teacher.None of Education Online Tier 2N/AN/A$4,296.00N/ATeaching and Learning Endorsement - Online (Endorsement)
COE.GREnd.XXXXXXXX.XXComputer Science Education for Teachers - Online (Endorsement)OnlineGraduate EndorsementCOE9The Computer Science Education Endorsement for Teachers program provides certification for in-service teachers to teach computer science in grades P-12. The program offers three (9 credits) fully online courses that center around the standards adapted from the Standards for Computer Science Educators published in 2011 by the International Society for Technology Education (ISTE), and the Computer Science Teachers Association Interim Standards published in 2016, and are directly adopted to be the program learning outcomes. The program targets learners to become familiar with computational thinking, computer programming teaching methods and pedagogies, as well as principles of computing as they relate to digital citizenship and ethics.None of Education Online Tier 1N/AN/A$3,324.00Computers, ScienceN/AComputer Science Education for Teachers - Online (Endorsement)
COE.BSEd.13120201.XXBachelor of Science in Education Degree in Elementary EducationStatesboro, Savannah, HinesvilleBachelor's DegreeCOE124The Elementary Education B.S. Ed. Certification Track program is designed for students who desire to gain knowledge and skills to teach all subjects at the elementary level including kindergarten through fifth grade. The face-to-face program, offered on all three Georgia Southern campuses, provides numerous opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and skills in elementary classroom experiences and student teaching placements. An emphasis area option for dual certification with special education is available.P-5 Certification
Dual Certification with Special Education of Education In-Person$2,732.00$9,641.00N/AEducationN/AElementary Education (BSEd)
COE.BSEd.13100101.XXBachelor of Science in Education Degree in Special EducationStatesboroBachelor's DegreeCOE124Earn your initial special education teacher certification for grades P-12 in mild disabilities through the Bachelor of Science in Special Education (B.S.Ed.) program at a top Georgia college. Benefit from comprehensive coursework, teaching methodology, and practical experience in public school classrooms within a 70-mile radius of the Georgia Southern campus. Upon completion and passing the Special Education GACE exam, you'll be eligible for Georgia's special education teacher certification.None of Education In-Person$2,732.00$9,641.00N/AEducationN/ASpecial Education (BSEd)
COE.EdS.13010101.XXSpecialist in Education Degree in Teaching and LearningOnlineEducation Specialist DegreeCOE33The Teaching and Learning Education Specialist online degree program, accredited by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission, is tailored for teachers looking to advance beyond a master's degree. This flexible program emphasizes professional instructional skills and applied research, preparing educators to bridge the gap between theory and practice as teacher-scholars/researchers. Candidates can select from four study concentrations aligned with their Georgia teaching certificate, leading to a level six certificate upgrade upon completion. The program fosters collaboration across disciplines, leadership development, technological proficiency, and action research in content-specific areas.Elementary Education(P-5)
Middle Grades Education(4-8)
Secondary Education(6-12)
Special Education(P-12) of Education Online Tier 2N/AN/A$4,296.00EducationFall: July 15 | Spring: No Admit | Summer: April 1Teaching and Learning (EdS)
COE.BS.19070101.XXBachelor of Science Degree in Human Development and Family ScienceSavannahBachelor's DegreeCOE124Georgia Southern University's B.S. in Human Development & Family Science offers comprehensive education in child and family development. It includes a concentration in Birth-Kindergarten Teacher Education, with both certification and non-certification tracks. Students gain hands-on experience at the on-site Child Development Center, preparing for diverse careers in family and child-oriented fields. Birth-Kindergarten Teacher Education (Certification Track) of Education In-Person$2,732.00$9,641.00N/AEducation, Human Behavior, ScienceN/AHuman Dev & Family Science: Birth-Kindergarten Teacher Certification (BS)
COE Student candidate

Learn more about our new, online Computer Science Education for Teachers Endorsement program providing certification for in-service teachers to teach computer science in grades P-12.

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Ed.S. Polcies and Forms

Education Specialist (Ed.S.) Policies
Approved Fall 2019, effective for all Ed.S. students spring 2020

 Field-Based Research Study Final Paper Format
PDF image icon Appendix A
 Topic Approval Form
PDF image icon Appendix B  **open form with Adobe**
 Field-Based Research Defense Form
PDF image icon Appendix C  **open form with Adobe**
Note:  Forms in Appendices A-C are used by both Ed.S. and Tier 1 Ed.D. Higher Education students

Ed.S. Resources for Field-Based Research

Welcome! This webpage is designed to help students in the following College of Education’s Ed.S. programs (all departments) complete their field-based research projects.  It also may be a helpful resource for Educational Leadership doctoral students in Tier 1.  Although these resources are meant to help students work independently, students should consult closely with faculty advisors.

Writing Resources

Data Analysis Resources


  • JMP
  • Maple
  • Mathematic
  • Minitab
  • SAS
  • SPSS
  • Stata- starting August 1, 2016

College of Education (room 2165)

  • Atlas.ti

Open Source (room 2165)

  • R
For all Online Programs:

Federal Law requires colleges and universities to make certain disclosures to prospective students of these programs. These disclosures include information on the University’s authority to operate outside of Georgia, complaint processes, adverse actions, and refunds.

For required disclosures in general with regard to online programs offered by the University, visit the Office of Legal Affairs website.

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